We are like fools

By: Dave

Nov 16 2007

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Hello Cambridge. We survived your torment of the 3rd week.

 Chem paper 2 was only okay. I don’t know why in the world people say it’s easy. You only say it’s easy if you’re confident of doing decently, not when you think you would get S instead of U. Those annoying bastards. I screwed up a part of paper 2 but I can’t really remember my answers so I’m not sure. It’s better than paper 3 AND paper 1. Paper 1 today was a fucking ball-shredder. Ball: the testes. It’s probably the hardest cambridge has set.

Econs paper 2 is really crap. The questions are plain weird. And the average student can hardly make it to the end of his last sentence. Crap. Thank God case study was ok. But with my essay, I’m probably screwed. Same goes for chem. I would have to run for cover when I see Ms Huang or Mrs Loh.

Anyway, I am trying to forget what hell I faced during chem paper. So I shall play Darkness and Light. I wanted to wait till 22nd but srsly, I’m feeling like a whore raped by chemistry so I’m not going to care. Gaming therapy should help recover. (:


3 comments on “We are like fools”

  1. Press on! U can make it!

  2. Okay, i just watched all 12 episodes of hana kimi – i stayed at till 4am watching + entire today, my eyes feel squinty now.. >.<

    Eh. Ikuta Toma, the guy who acted as Nakatsu, seriously, damn hot. WAHAHHAHHAHA.


    Shuyun u nehneh. You should study! Ok it’s not like I mug like crazy for the last 2 papers. lol.

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