By: Dave

Nov 20 2007

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Although I’m very happy and excited, I am actually guilty of what I’ve done (or rather what I have NOT done) for the past 2 days. After paper 3 was somewhat like a liberation already. I didn’t study that day and I didn’t study today too. I so need to get paper one into my head proper. I shall mug tmrw then. How apt to sounds – I shall mug. I don’t think these words will come out anytime soon after the 22nd. It is THE TWENTY SECOND, a historical moment in the time of our lives. Obviously the bigger historical moment would be in march next year (not my enlistment or pop or whatever thing related to ah-me) the errr fruits of our labour will be announced. Let’s hope its justified grades for our effort and for our future’s sake. Remember there’s only less than one in four making it to Uni. Okay, I’m possibly scaring kids that chance on this. (:

Anyway, I think I got a job at KK hospital. LOL. But’s not very medical-related. Some HR assistant. I need to wait for them to nod after they see my resume (which is actually nth much). And I’m going to relief teach at the primary school in front of my house. I can come home and then go out again in the afternoon if I’m called to go down. Omg. Damn shiok please.

Oh ya, s08 people who might read this, we’re bringing the party trumpet thingy (the one you blow and it rolls out and make a beeeep/honk sort of sound) we bought on Monday. We are so going to make one helluva noise and carry the din down to wherever we’re going – be it down the streets, along Orchard or on the bus and we don’t care if a fucking uncle come and tell us to shut up. EH COME AND SUE ME I DON’T GIVE A SHIT CARE. This lousy uncle reprimanded us yesterday. We were just talking (and maybe shuyun laughing very loudly) la! Think mats and ah bengs with their retro lousy phones playing outdated songs that screams, ‘I HAVE A FUCKING BAD TASTE FOR SONGS. HUR.’ -.- Okay actually the secondary school kids these days are damn cheapskate. Amost all of them carry a lousy phone.  And 1 in 1 of them play it out loud on the bus AND talk to their filthy friends at the same time. Shit bags.

I’ve been swearing a lot. It is the coming of the end of As, what do we care anyway. (:


3 comments on “TWO”

  1. Oi. I wasnt laughing that loudly. I was ahem, chuckling. Your fault la. Uncle didnt like you because you’re skinnier than him.

    Ps. I completed 4 campaigns (games) and am starting on a new series Proposal Daisakusen. Yamashita Tomohisa is sooooooooooooo hot. Muhahahha.

  2. hahahas. sec sch kids r cheapskate, thats so true.

  3. HELLO eadelin!

    Anyway shuyun what on earth is campaign? games? I can’t link them in any possible way. Or I’m too lazy to think after the As. Heh. :p

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