The first weekend

By: Dave

Nov 25 2007

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You can’t really call the Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays throughout this year weekends because they are either guilty sleep-in(s) or boring afternoons of books and tutorials. Hah. Oh yea I need to say this again! As is OVER!!! šŸ˜€

Anyway, Friday was spent on a job interview. Apparently, the HR assistant position at KK hospital is not available for those willing to serve a very shot term so they offered me some admin position at this co. at Raffles Place. I dread office wear because the shoes are crappy-uncomfortable – worse than my already shredding Adidas please. Anyway they haven’t contacted me till now so I’m going to abandon those people and continue the very sad hunt for a job. For the rest of the time, I just plop myself in front of the tv and computer gaming and flicking channels. I don’t have cable so you can imagine how boring flicking channels can be.

I’m suppose to be be out with Alvin yesterday but it’s been eons way before As even started that I met up with Pillai, the butch. HAHAHA. You know, the closer the friend is, the later you’ll be. He completely gave up on fixing a time with me these days. I am to call him after I leave the house. From 1.30pm, it dragged till 3.30pm. You can tell we’re very close friends. :p We wound up at Whitesands (again) and I bloody swear I won’t go to that loser place to meet up with anyone in future. It’s like the supermarket of Pasir Ris even after all that renovation, the stuff are boring. The only convenient thing there is the popular bookstore which I visit once in 2 million years to get printing paper. Crap.

Oh then in the afternoon Dad came back with this thick envelope from The Airforce. I almost died of panic because I have this crazy fear of heights (actually I think its the normal kind of fear that everyone shares) and I can’t swim plus my eyesight is as good as three blind mice. After much struggle with the penknife (the ministry of D-fans is pretty lousy with the envelopes they send because they all stick to the paper we’re suppose to read) it’s just some letter that addresses the possibilitiesĀ from an Airforce scholarship. Seriously? Me? HAHAHA. Anyway, everybody gets this letter I think so I guess they spent pretty much cos it includes this airplane sort thing where you open a card-sort thing and it pops out with the aeroplane’s blasting noise. They call it the sound of applause. I swear they have too much pride and ego. Hey, you’re just on a piece of metal, there’s no big deal really.

Sunday’s the surprise for Cheng Hsuan. IT HAS THE OMGWTF EFFECT. (: Except he didn’t scream nor faint. But still, the whole waiting for him along the stairway, hiding inside his room and jumping on him thing is fun. Okay,Ā I not-so-secretly enjoyed the part where we get to see the room without his permission. (Too bad we didn’t spot any porn mags that we can blackmail with) There’s lesser peolpe than I thought but some whome I haven’t seen for ages probably at least 1.5 years actually came – like sin ee and karmun.Ā We took photos but some are really crappy so I shall not post them up, the other half is boring and too random (plus I’m lazy) so I shall not post them. Ask from me on MSN ppl, I’ll send you if I’m not gaming. (:


Then we took some jumpshots. (: (But there wasn’t a really proper place to do that. LOL)

So this is what you call a weekend. (:

p.s. I think I took a little too much B/W photos. This seriously lack colours. But the place sucks so colour shots are like crap.


One comment on “The first weekend”

  1. Hur. I got the funny airforce card too. Mine didnt work well, the sound was like URGHHH. And the flap (that controls the sound) dropped out. Annoying.

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