24 hours per day sucks

By: Dave

Nov 26 2007

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I woke up really late. We should have more than 24hours per day. ): I mean, we spend so much time sleeping, explaining the lack of time. Someone said we spend one third of our lives sleeping away. If we don’t have to sleep as much (not that sleeping doesn’t feel good) then 24 hours might actually be enough.

That’s beside the point. I woke up late and didn’t go down to the cmpb to get a re-medical check up. ): And Dinie told me some day ago that we can re-do our napha and go in at a later time. But that kinda depends on my will to suffer like shit when I go in late since everyone knows how crappy the daily schedule is like when you’re part of the enhanced batch or whatever they call it. NS is such a waste of precious lives. Time is money and it can be used to drive the economy instead of preparing for I-don’t-know-what. They should get those that are not schooling to serve a longer term. Or better, just get the girls in for NS too. Then maybe we have such a large pool of manpower we can just reduce it to a year instead of 2 holy crappy years of youth and talent. Snorts.

So in the afternoon I met up with Jehanne and wenxin. I am sorry I was late but I had no idea Holland V. is so far. I’ve never been there and I didn’t know it looks like that. And singapore is an island. How crappy is that.  Anyway we ate a Breko’s and as usual its cream pasta for me. (: But it didn’t tast fabulous, even Swensen’s is better. But I like the ambience! They have low sofa seats that are not too fluffy, enough for Jehanne to put her legs up. Hahaha.. And because it’s on the second floor and it was a weekday’s afternoon, it was really private and noise-less (not silent because there’s music). Cool place to hang out but I think more people would have been more fun for such a place. It sucks that I’m cash strapped or I would have tried desert.

By the way, Dad came home with a letter which without opening I know what it was inside. It’s the Edusave thingo. It was funny how long ago I last got one because in college it’s like impossible with those big brains that chose to come to tpjc and spoil our market. So now I’m unofficially $300 richer. (: It’s not a huge amount and they don’t offer edusave scholarships at the jc level so we don’t get to receive 350 or 500 bucks. Anyway, I must be in the 25th percentile of the top 25. I mean, my prelims results are not shit but they’re just average. Maybe they made a mistake with my results in the records. Who cares, now I can worry about what to spend on. ((:


6 comments on “24 hours per day sucks”

  1. Hey.. NS earns u BUCKS alrite?!!! And trust me, money IS an issue in the University! N that 300SGD edusave crap rawks, doesnt it? I wish they had that in the University too!! I’m soooooo in need of money to do more shopping man!

    We shd hav another track gathering.

  2. serious? I just downgraded to PES C. I’ll earn lesser but I’ll have time to teach tuition if I get those office hours job. Haha! Yea $$$ is damn important. I’m running short of them from all the food I eat. And I haven’t even bought anything else la!

    AND YES WE SHOULD HAVE ANOTHER TRACK OUTING! 05 track team is the best. (: ok la the seniors rock too. (:

  3. haha! EXACTLY! i guess i’ll plan one. probably next wk den tink about it. (:

  4. WOW. You reply so soon! Okay, get off the sch load first yea. Take your time to plan! You’re always occupied by other people and don’t spend time for yourself. Like some good ol’ time for solitude and reflection. lols.

  5. heyyyy!

    haha, i finally came back.
    yep yep. wait till im bored n with nothing to do den i’l go think about track outing.
    haha. my free smses are very limited too.

    Cares dude.
    ps, was max prom king?

  6. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! ok I still can’t get over what you called him the first day at orientation. XXG right. Heh. No, he was just a contestant. Someone else won. Awww, don’t cry okay! Anyway, you interested in joining any outside athlete club? Like swift or wings. Cos james (yes jaja) wants to join one and is asking us if we’ll be joining any. (:

    p.s. how come I can’t access your current blog? ._.

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