By: Dave

Nov 29 2007

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I totally enjoyed the past two nights. OMG OMG. If life is beautiful like the past few days I’m sure christmas would be 24/7 and Santa would visit us on a weekly basis. But if happiness goes on forever, you won’t actually feel it because its the pain and sadness that makes the great times even more beautiful and sweeter than it is. (like the psuedo candy-floss christmas tree above) Painfully ironic.


Anyway, Tuesday’s night out with jemxph (I think I got the abbreviation wrong though). But Mel has an exam going on ( NUS FASS is crazy especially econs there, heard of the kind of math they have to do. Just grrrreat man) and Peijun had to leave earlier to prep for some tests so we didn’t have full house. Jiamin has this thing about convincing me to take health sciences in NYP but she didn’t sell her course well when she mentioned physiotherapists don’t really get the big bucks. I’m interested in health science (since medicine in NUS is out and I don’t really fancy being a male nursing degree holder) but the radiology, occupational therapy and etc are kinda neglected by the government. Yes, the 4th uni may prolly have a faculty dedicated to health science but the school would new and I doubt they’ll be ready even after I finished the two great years of NS. Okay I realised I digressed. Anyway we ate at NYDC and I don’t eat there but I realised their pasta is friggin nice. (And of course their cheese which is same everywhere else but who cares) The best part is Elyn has American Express card and we get 15% off which is as good as a meal without GST/service charge. ((: And so we decided (I think its just me) that we’ll mark NYDC down at one of the places we’ll visit when Elyn is present. HAHAHA. ūüėÄ Thank you for walking me all the way to city hall. I don’t know how people do that, I almost died from walking. Jiamin if you’re reading this, your popilliteal (I don’t know how you spell that nerve behind the knee) nerve passes downward and through the popilliteal smth smth is kinda stuck in my head. Maybe it’ll come out in your test you know!


This evening was spent with the HEXES. (It sounds like we place curses on people for a living) It’s full house! Thanks to Cheng Hsuan’s cousin, we got the premiere tics to Across the Universe. It’s a really great muscial and I think I enjoyed it the most. (Other than stef who¬†laughed and teared¬†at the blue stick people cos she thinks I resemble them -.-) It’s kinda abstract because of all the musical parts so the pieces got to be put together and till now I don’t get the complete story. The songs are great – way better than the boring High School Musical 2 which sucks – and so are the powerful vocals. I have no idea why there isn’t at least an NC16 rating, perhaps left breasts are considered healthy and acceptable¬†by our censorship board now. Poor kids must have been frightened by the lump they think is some growth or what. x0 Anyway, I heart this part about strawberry fields. Its really great cos they had strawberries pinned up on a board and red juice/paint oozes out and runs down the board in this artsy kinda way. And these berries actually depict the bombs used in the vietnam war. The ending doesn’t have a wow factor but I think musicals don’t have to end that way, so long they don’t do the classic horror movie¬†cliff hanger, I’m happy. (: You guys should watch it if you have spare cash since christmas movies now would be too early to catch. It’s 2h11mins so don’t watch it at some lousy cinema and empty your bladders yea.

After that we ate at Bedok. Then Kenny sent us home. Having private transport is convenient so we didn’t have to arrive home like past 12 and we get to eat supper together. (: This is like family love. HAHA. Actually my past 2 days are like family love. Awwwww…!! Oh my god then there’s prom where the almost the whole class would be together. Oh man, I think life’s really orgasmic every moment now. YAY. (:




p.s. BY THE WAY PEOPLE: Congratulate me. I’ve rightfully downgraded to my well-deserved pes c. Seriously, what if my lungs collapse again, who’s going to pay me for all that torture under the knife. Anyway CMPB is very nice, they did the whole downgrading thing very swiftly. (:

p.s.s. Happy Birthday Pillai! I know I wished you already but it’s for the entry. (:



  1. CONGRATS!!!!!!

    oi. nxt time if i hear dinner at NYDC i’m not gg to turn up =)

  2. We won’t let you know where it is first. :p

  3. hey yo..

    the posts are great man!

    really have the OMGWT* effect..

    Guess your camera is really good lor.

    haha… yup!

    Enjoyed the FAMILY LOVE too.. yey!

  4. wah lao
    but i dun lose anythign anyway. hohoho. =)

  5. CH – The photos are okay only man. I think I take very little photos these days and they’re not very unique. ): You should check out those at deviantart pieces. They are so freaking good!

    Elyn – Don’t worry you’re saving $$ too! HAHA!

  6. Ehhh. Actually NYDC offers discounts to loads of cards. Maybe you can try applying for the POSB Everyday card (as ugly as it looks, i think it has quite a few benefits too). My newest collection (:DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD) gives me discounts at chunks of places too !

  7. Nah, I’m not getting any cards until I reach the working age. (You know after NS and uni) We were told of all the cards but only American Express offers a discount which is more worthy than any other cards then. (:

  8. american express is scary la.

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