TPJC PROM ’07 (+ photos)

I spent zero dollars on prom and I am glad to born a man (I’m not the male chauvinist pig) because I don’t have to wax legs or shave armpit hair for prom. Nor do I have to go to a professional for make-up done or get the hair and everything else dolled up. No high-heels so save the horrible blisters I heard from the gals. Anyway, the point is, after prom I really wonder how girls manage to pull this off without looking disastrous. (okay some girls from the other classes imo overdid their make-up while a few had funny dresses)

Anyway, I appreciate the fact the Yat waited for me at Bedok in formal clothes and flowers for a whole 15 minutes (from the time we arranged to meet cos he actually stood there longer). Yat is sucha gentleman! He got the class girls roses. And I suspect it’s a thing he learnt as a councillor organizing 06’s prom cos Desmond also gave roses! (from what I read in the blogs) I wanted to be fashionably late with Shuyun, Amanth and Pinyi but they had another girl to cab down with them so I had to turn up early since late is obviously not in Yat’s vocabulary. 😀 But being slightly earlier has its perks. For one, we get to share our nasty comments of how people are dressed. No, just kidding we didn’t just do that since loads of other people are damn well-dressed. I am deadly envious of Giddeon’s white outfit!!! Some other dudes were in white but his had the classy cut while the rest had one piece of white like a sheet. Boring!

Anyway, our class is very small and almost all of us present sat at the same table. Since we had little people, none of us looked like the friends of the seventh month. (: Sam was hot that night! (It’s perfectly healthy to compliment on a classmate!) I think it’s because I always assume Sam to be the lazy girl who just talks about being pretty. HAHAHA! Su wore this elegant Sari. Honestly, being tall is a good thing for her, adds on to the elegant thing. Anyway, I didn’t realize out prom had to do with frost under the moonlight or something along that line which is a good thing since I didn’t have to worry about whether the stuff we wear have to match the theme. The guys were mostly in black coat so we’re pretty homogenised but at least it’s decent looking and not cheap or pathetic. Like su saidm the prom was a great event and we get to see the school in a different light, away from uniform in formal suits and dresses. (:

Food was okay. Some of them said I’m like VIP/king cos they served the vegetarian food seperately. Hahaha. But I think if they ate it, they would rather not be the VIP if you get what I mean. It’s such a pity Grand Hyatt didn’t look that grand. The ballroom is sad, with very low ceiling and a terribly low stage. But the toilets are cute. They look like rooms all over the place and I thought it felt somewhat like a maze since the sink and the ‘rooms’ are like everywhere.

I didn’t manage to get photos with all of those that I know which is a great disappointment. I didn’t get to take a shot with all the trackers cos the reception counter is a small area and everyone was everywhere else. And we only had one haphazard class photo! Should have taken more. The ballroom was pretty lame cos they had this misty smoky thing all over the place that even with a good flash from my camera, some shots are smoky and hazy. ):

I think the whole world went to post prom @Zouk but we decided against it. So me, yat and sy/aman/py walked down to a bar (I think it’s some Indochine or smth related to it but I can’t remember) and hanged around till 1. Weimin and friends came by but we didn’t follow them cos we walked for some km and took a couple of random photos before hopping onto a cab to Amanatha’s condo. It’s totally unplanned. Sleeping bag, laptop, Doritos, bread, ham&cheese, rooftop terrace and a blanket of night sky with a fantastic view of stars. ((: We fell asleep some 20mins before 6am and left the condo in the morning for breakfast at Macs. Hotcakes! I swear we’re not normal when we’re walking there. I have a face enough oil to deep fry you chah kueh plus me and yat were still in our suits/coats so imagine the stares we get in the morning. It’s amusing I swear. We’re like lunatics and random shop names like ‘Charisma Extreme’ and ‘Pretty Young’ make us laugh like the tenants of the Hougang Condo. LOL. Oh but it’s a great time! Initially we thought of doing this again on the eve of A levels results day but from how air-headed we behave after the whole night/morning without sleep, we decided against it.

In the afternoon, this guy calling me down to sign a contract for my job called up and I was sleep-talking please. It was such a retarded and awkward moment when I suddenly jotled out of bed and apologized for god-knows-what ramblings. ANYWAY, we should have a class gathering somewhere somehow soon so that most guys can attend before being summoned for NS. I really miss everyone although I only didn’t see you guys for some 48 hours. Since prom was the formal get-together so we should one that’s informal with better food. Hah. 😀


















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