By: Dave

Dec 09 2007

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Work has been pretty awesome. I call people up every evening, disturb them and get paid 7/hr. (: But really, it isn’t that great a time and just four hours each evening already killed my ears. So now I have more sympathy and compassion. When this surveyor approached me outside the building I work, I actually stopped and answered his questions. (: Seriously, it doesn’t take 5 minutes. Anyway, I also got myself a free financial consultant from Prudential. HAHA! Like I said I decided to let everyone stop me for interview/surveying so I got one free without expecting it to be money-related. Somehow it really made me realise how much we have to earn just to maintain a modest lifesyle after retiring. A modest lifestyle meaning travelling occassionally to countries in Asia and not on plain bread. For a modest lifestyle, you need to save 2.30 per day, rounding up to 70+/mth. It seems like a really small amount but Singaporeans are not savers. 90% of us spend whatever we can on everything else and save whatever we cannot spend. Usually, that’s hardly any by the end of the month. So this sorta thing is like CPF but they’ll force me to save for a good life when I stop work which is good. (:

Anyway, more (post) prom photos! (:





The mannequins. (:


The friendly people! (:



2 comments on “WORK!”

  1. HELLOOO!!!
    i’m still unempoyed man. no cash equals no fun!!!! ah!!! intro me jobs can. haha anyway pinyi loks gorgeous man. your picture takng skills not bad. anyway watch GOSSIP GIRL!!! hahaha my current favourite show. grey anantomy also got season 4 not bad also. tata:D

  2. I heard about Gossip Girl from my cousin! And I saw it on some msn nicks. It must be awesome!!! But I just finished a few jap drama and I’m still trying to catch up with Heroes’ Season 2. And yea, I’m kinda stuck for Grey’s Anatomy. I think I watched more during the period when the As were ending. HAHAHHA!

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