Great and boring

By: Dave

Dec 11 2007

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The above is one of my first try! The 3 other photos weren’t good cos we’re either in white or black so you can’t really feel the effect of the glow amongst the black and white. (: So pinyi’s photo with the taiwan statues (I think it’s Taiwan) is the best candidate.

Today will be the last day of my job assignment. Damn. It’s sad I got to wait for another assignment. It’s worse cos I didn’t really get to know all the colleagues. ): Telemarketing is such a cubicle job, no wonder so many of them took cover at the pantry. 😀 So far, I’ve only rung up one bitch who accused me of trying to cheat her money. ._. She claimed that its in the papers that callers tell them they won a prize and proceed to get their personal details. HELLO AUNTY I never mentioned anything about you winning anything nor did I ask you personal details like you you did when you asked for my IC no. so you can ‘call the police to catch me’. I think the more appropriate term would be to investigate. She even asked for my number la. The best part is she doesn’t know AC Nielsen exists – one helluva insult to how well-read she is. Oh, but I had fun. I think my conversation with her entertained the entire room. Probably especially the part when she asked how I got her number.

aunty: Eh how you got my number?

me: It’s randomly generated from the co. computer so I don’t know.

aunty: which computer? which?

me: (what the fuck seriously) Err… windows XP? It’s a desktop, just that you know… (and people laugh at the background)

I even offered her the website to read up more on the company and it’s vision but I guess she’s one of the many aunties that’s technophobic and only bitch at supermarkets. Hey! Move up the value-chain and bitch online mam..

Life is boring but great. The past few days are just late nights of sleep and waking up to lunch, lazing around and then heading to work. Such a waste of life but at least now I know I don’t want to live so meaninglessly. (:


4 comments on “Great and boring”

  1. The image looks like it’s superimposed. gahhh. a bit odd really, but good try i guess.

    and while you’ve finished your first job, i’m still seeking one. On other notes, I GOT MY LAMPS (which dont seem to be working) and Neighbour left for Tekong. Such sadness. Sighh. So Davida, we must take photo before they shave you bald too. Such a pancake dayy.

  2. I thought that too! photoshop is so chym. ):
    Anyway I dun mind taking a photo BEFORE I’m bald. Afterwhich pls only take photos of me when I am BALD AND TANNED AND MUSCULAR or smth. HAHA!
    And pinyi found the dream job I believe – well at least for the time being. Why can’t we have a workplace with such awesome vending machines in the pantry!!! Damn it! :p

  3. HAHAHAHAHAHA. But honestly, having sooo many types of sugary drinks within easy(and free) reach is pretty dangerous. Blood glucose levels are like constantly high. 😛

  4. A few brushes from the toothbrush/toothpaste and mouth rinsing liquid thingo shld do the trick! Anyway cookies are there too right! ): I want to eat cheese pasta. Hahaha!

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