First job’s over.

By: Dave

Dec 13 2007

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My one week stint with AC Nielsen as a telesurveyor is over. ): I feel kinda attached to the place already. And the smell of revenue house is so distinct it’s imprinted in my head. Hah. Oh and I just got to know some people. I think I’ll go back to work on their following projects if I have time. But it’s at night and I’m a very lazy person. 😀 After one week I kinda realize what kind of people telesurveyors hate most. They hate those that just hang up, those that keep insisting they don’t know what you’re talking about even though you hardly mentioned anything other than the words marketing company, those that say you’re a fraud (those idiots) and those that never ever pick up their damn phones. You know, you can simply say you’re not interested or no thanks. By the way 5-7 minutes of survey won’t kill you. You’re giving constructive comments and feedback which would through some sort of multiplier effect return as better services provided by the service industry. The world would be a happier place and I would be a less bitcy person. Thank you. 😀

Anyway, track is having a farewell dinner on 21st! And the best part is, it’s sponsored by someone’s mum but Farhanah refuse to let me know who. I think we’re eating at Seoul Garden. Although I hardly eat anything there but seriously its freaking sponsored. Imagine all the money spent on a track team. OMG. I miss track training like crap. Problem is trainings are always in the morning (I don’t think Mr Hafiz made any changes) and I barely wake up till 12pm these days. So I can’t get my running or soaking up under the sun done anytime soon unless I get this fat ass out of the bed. )): Oh and I found out that Fiona, my colleague was from AHS and she knows Yao Peng! He’s this really fast vj sprinter. Some day when he runs for Team SG I’ll be showing off that I once ran next to him in 100m. HAHAHA. (and I remember vividly being thrashed too, lol)

Anyway, I realized I actually earned pretty much over the one week. I mean its only 4 hours per day. So I’m going to pig out and eat all I can for all the great dinner I missed at home. I had to eat at some 4.30pm for one week. Imagine the hunger when I’m there. Suhaidah Banu, if you’re reading this remember we’re suppose to have a FEAST for actually working. (: Let’s have one helluva meal and bloat ourselves man! Speaking of which, I’m suppose to meet jia min and gang today but no thanks to my last day of work I can’t go and catch a movie and have dinner. ): But we’ll be meeting soon again. Okay time for more Grey’s Anatomy! (:

p.s. I went with Yat to get our job interview and sign something today. I hope I get a freaking well-paying job next. Seriously they are underpaying A level grads. I mean, how can we earn as much as those O level kids. Wha lao.


2 comments on “First job’s over.”

  1. Hey. It’s weird you used my full name. Haha
    I already feel so bloated after my cruise trip. Anyways, we have to go feast. Must,k!??
    Hey, Please lend me grey’s anatomy ok? I’ll meet up with u soooon.!

  2. NO PROBLEM!! (: I’m gonna empty the damn cheese bottle thingo. And I shall slurp desert and smudge cake all over my face. HEHEHE. (:

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