Wham wham.

By: Dave

Dec 15 2007

Category: Uncategorized


I dunno what the title is. HAHAHA. Anyway, I met up with Pillai and James yesterday for supper at Cafe Cartel. We were very cheapskate cos we want to save $$ so we decided to go there since it’s pretty late in the evening and they have the all-cakes-must-go sale after 9pm. Those 2 gluttons bought 2 chesscakes each so I bought two too. We ended up unable to finish up what we bought. Such a waste of good cheese! But I still finished up the oreo milkshake which is worth every energy used in slurping it down. (: I shall not go out with people that served the army from now. All they talk about is army life which is borrrrrrrring the shit out of me. Seriously, I will not end up as boring – I hope. I rather hear boobs or c*nt or a clicking mouse than any acronyms of someone who ruins my life inside. It’s only normal.

Anyway, I can’t believe what I got myself into. I shouldn’t have promised Cheng Hsuan to plan the X’mas bash. It’s so difficult to plan one! All along I felt those that they organized are amateur and schedule-like but when I actually sat down with Yan Qing and Berlinda to plan, it’s really difficult to come up with something good enough, not too childish and not cheapskate. ):

By the way, I hope they don’t read this: I think relationships at this age should be pretty serious and not secondary-school like. Secondary school in the sense that the parents doesn’t know about it or it’s complicated that even a clean break isn’t possible. Besides, we’re too fucking young to get attached – especially so if your whatever partner restricts your friendship circle and control your bloody movements day in and out. These losers are a disgrace to males, a mere persona of ungentlemanliness. I should really be amused by how these kids handle themselves. 3 years down the road and they’re still that only. I guess that really defines and seperates us from them in this society.

Okay, I’ve been very grumpy. I need to run. I shall turn up for the next track training.


2 comments on “Wham wham.”

  1. Hey! Nice x’mas layout! Haha! Makes me wanna change my layout too!

  2. Hey! Sorry for the late repy. Have been lazy to blog. HAHA! I don’t really like this layout though. All the links are at the bottom making it bloody inaccessible.

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