All that festive mood

Track farewell dinner was great. The turn out was more or less expected and Farhanah’s mum is awesome! The dinner’s sponsored by her and 20++ people at Seoul Garden is quite a huge investment. (And its not like we’re returning any favours) THANK YOU FOR THE DINNER. (: And the juniors are such a great bunch! We had this limited edition nike sneakers key chain sorta thing. It very much related to track, okay at least the brand is somthing we would don. I ate pretty much nothing since I can almost eat nothing there. The pasta disappeared and it wasn’t refilled throughout the time we were there. But not to waste the mooolah, I had 3 eggs, probably a cart of fries and maybe some 8 scoops of ice cream. Apparently, the Pak-lookalike-waiter serving us said all the soups used chicken powder so I can’t even cook a decent bowl of soup with 10 or more eggs. I knew I should have brought a packet of instant noodle seasoning, shit. We started dinner late so when we ended together with the photos and informal speech part, it’s pretty much too late to do anything. Besides, the juniors are not legal yet. 😀 Oh yea, I finally got my relay team photo – minus the track jerseys, number tags and a stadium of speed monsters. And I proudly own a photo with Mrs Glory Barnabas – gold medalist of 1973 SEA Games – together with Mr Hafiz whom we were just told to be the ex-captain of the track team back in his tpjc days.




Life’s much of a bitch now. The business cycle supposedly reached its booming stage but I’m not feeling it at all. My pocket’s burnt and I’m unhappily unemployed. Plus, my 300 bucks from the bursary thing is still not arriving. ): But the good news is school term is reopening and hopefully the teachers all fall sick before the 25th of Jan so I can earn one helluva load to satisfy this materialistic alter-ego. The stuff we heard about income gap widening seems so ever true now that we stand in the shoes of pathetic peasants hungry for gold. ): And it’s not helping that I’m enlisting so fucking soon. ._.

I didn’t train like how I said I would in my last entry. It’s not because I’m lazy. The track team are not training anymore and they would only resume the week after christmas. Okay fine I’m not motivated to run because it’s so dumb to sprint on some public stadium when everyone is jogging/walking. This period void of training is a disaster. I did not gain weight because I was a couch potato. Instead, I lost fats. You’ll be cursing under your breaths for this awesome ability to lose weight but it’s not a gift! I had so much embarassment trying to stop the jeans from sliding down and past my butt. So my ass’ pretty non-existent now. It sucks ‘cos sitting a tad too long becomes a pain in the ass, literally. ): I shall eat eggs everyday at Ya Kun or something. I need my proteins!

Oh, I also found out Mr Hafiz’s the first batch of NUS life science graduates. From his expressions, life science doesn’t seem very much enjoyable and is all about genetics and more genetics. Their website claims we can specialise in stem cell therapy, neurology and a few others.  So this leaves me with a big headache even if I get into Uni. ): And I think I’ll earn peanuts as a FoS graduate. There should be more than one union so we can get the terrible wage levels to rise. (There’s some consequence to it but I returned most of Economics to Mrs Loh already) HAHA!

Are your relatives as annoying? I’m not unforgiving but everywhere I go, I’ll be sure to run into people who can’t wait to see if I died from A levels. They’re staring down at you to see how far you can go when you chose this blood-stained path. (suicidal rates are highest proportionately amongst A level grads, I do not base on any evidence but purely hearsay) Anyway, the elder generation doesn’t know much about universities so in their minds if you went to some foreign uni because you didn’t make it to local’s they’ll think you are so good that the angmohs want you in their Uni. Which is seriously not a bad thing since you get this ‘wow’ look from their faces. But honestly, it’s not what we wish for la. duh.

I’m getting thinner with all the typing and my bones will break from a gust of wind so I shall end here. (:

(Let’s all pray for awesome results but if you’re unrelated to us I obviously hope you do us a favour and flung so we have an extra place in NUS/NTU/SMU. HAHAHA.) :p


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