’07 Christmas Bash (:

It finally ended. (: ‘Finally’ has such negative connotations. Seriously, planning this thing is freaking tiring. It’s not even the 400m race kinda tiring, more like the exam stress sorta thing. Thank God my greatest fear didn’t materialize and attack. Anyway, yesterday was just AWESOME. ((: It’s the first time I actually joined Cheng Hsuan in the whole organizing thing. Now I truly understand what it feels to be the ones behind an event – or so called.

First up, I bumped into my primary 3 classmate! After some seconds did I remember Yan Ching was from the same primary school as me which explains why Jeremiah was present last night. And I see him all the time on the bus but never ever asked him if he’s that prefect from my class. 😀 Talk about a small world!

Oh and Hazwan came down from his work place on a damn motorbike. Seriously, I feel like we’ve really grown up. Okay, not like but that we really did. I mean, Kenny and Jeremiah drives people around. Even Kaiwen and Melissa drives (goodness sake these girls make me look bad without a license!) Now, there’s Hazwan with a bike. SERIOUSLY! I shall learn how to drive a bus then. HAHAA!

Stefenie really sucks at computer games. While waiting for all the latecomers (which was everybody else other than stef herself) we played pyromaster. The level I chose for us was ‘easy’ and she didn’t beat me once. Just when I thought I suck at pc games… Tsktsk. Stef, if you’re reading this, you’re still old maid for all we care (and you behave like one anyway) so you’ll always be our favourite old maid. :p

In the midst of a game with Stef, Kenny appeared out of nowhere. The shouting and gasps of amazement were like dominos. One after another we look as though we saw a fellow friend overseas unexpectedly. True enough, it was largely unexpected. And the best part even though we’re organizers and we are in charge of surprises for the night, that took us by surprise. That’s sweet cos, I dunno, it’s unexpected and everyone plays a large part in a celebration or gathering yea? (:

You know I hate musical chairs a lot. It must be some childhood trauma when I sat on emptiness and landed on the floor in front of a whole party of kids. The substantiative reason behind my dislike for it is how sheer boring it gets. Because every part of it is too cliched and we seem to overlook better alternatives. BUT our mod version is way cool. I think there’s a hell lot of many things that when implemented can turn us all upside down. Anyway, thank you Gloria, Nivel and Berlinda. You guys are awesome with the punishment. The look on the faces of everyone else still part of the game fearing what’s behind the closed doors is damn amusing. I’m damn glad I was among the earlier ones to get out and watch the whole funny process. Now, we know we have naturals among us who can act flawlessly and of course those who can’t act for nuts. Hah. Ahh… but it’s for the fun of it yea! (:

I think Stef had to leave earlier so we had our best dressed nomination thing going on earlier than planned. I’ve such accurate predictions man. I knew Karmun and Nivel would win. (so did everybody else) HAHA. But I guess we guys are naturally lazy to dress up for parties. Not that there’s a lack of anything to choose from from the usual apparel as I’ve seen quite a plethora of prom outfits some weeks back. I think men’s fashion is stuck for good because we are such lazy beings that the same suit and tie would never go out of time.  xo Anyway the toilet paper thing is my awesome idea, so Karmun and Nivel, please remember me when you look back at the photos of that creative piece of err material. :p

I wanna thank all everyone for being there and it’s really great that nearly everyone was there throughout the time. And Yuqi thanks for coming despite your briefing which bloody took away your time. Oh, and yc for her place and her mum’s been a great hand. I believe we’ll grow up to be fantastic uncles and aunties. We’ll be sure to catch the news at night when we age and run a family. 😀

There are endless of things to write. But I need to upload the photos as everyone is obviously waiting for this and ignoring my fantastic mini essay above. Photos are like everything we have that remind us of our youth when we sit in rocking chairs (or Osim chairs for the 21st century rich bastards, btw we’ll be filthy rich no matter what) at age 80+. See you guys soon! (:

p.s. I almost forgot, the gift exchange is great. What’s greater is, I got Kenny’s generous gift! ((: It’s a crumpler handphone pouch I think. Do you call it a pouch because it’s like a holder to me since it doesn’t fit into pockets. Anyway, we are better affluenced now cos our gifts have moved up the value chain. HAHA! It sounds somewhat like econs man.

















Please leave your comments. My blog stats jump everyday with min double digit visitors but these kids just read and don’t leave a note. ): Spare some thoughts for the poor guy. HAHA..


11 comments on “’07 Christmas Bash (:”

  1. TESTING 123. (:

    david! thanks for making the effort to photoshop and post! ^^

  3. i see Jeremiah!

    he’s my primary (oops i’ve forgotten which year!) classmate! haha! =/

  4. i’ve no evidence that i was there at all!!!
    oh oh..
    i brought camera but forgot to put my head in. ahhhhhh

  5. Go get a driving liscense soon!! lols.. aiyo yuqi u so funny laa.. haa… david i wan photos! send me on msn.. or i can get it from Cheng Hsuan… =D

  6. lol… thks for remembering old maid. yuck, stop saying tt 2 words. =x
    it was a fun event. too bad, i couldn’t hear ur story.

  7. dav! it was real fun wrking tgt w u thruout tis party..
    i hope everyone who attended enjoyed urself cus i certainly did!

  8. hahaa… everyone is here to leave a comment.. COOL!

    Kai Wen called Jevelle.. I didn’t know that…

    Thanks to David’s blog.. now i know.. haha 🙂

    Indeed we have grown up and it was SIMPLY GREAT! 🙂

  9. Berlinda: Welcome!
    Melissa: Hey, are we in the same class then? Cos me and Jeremiah were in pri 3C under Mrs Singh. (:
    Yuqi: Hey yuqi sorry! You came after the part when they got high with the cameras. It’s okay we’re aware you were there. hahaha..
    Kaiwen, can u get from Cheng Hsuan? Cos I don’t go online these few days cos I’m back home late. (: And I should get a license man! heh.
    Stef: welcome, OLD MAID. 😀
    Cheng Hsuan: HAHAHA. Okay I feel happy to be flooded my comments. HOHO.

    Btw, my fav photo is 3391B. (: You guys had such awesome expressions. (:

  10. The photos were really well-taken. Great job to the organisers!

  11. Thanks man. Welcome! (: See ya ard soon.

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