By: Dave

Dec 30 2007

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04/05 track at Mind Cafe @ Boat Quay

Reunions can be so heart-warming. So damn heart-warming, it is prolly one of the few things that we exist for. It makes the past make sense, that our presence leaves not only an impact but remains significant. (: Track gathering was awesome. Although the girls were MIA other than Claudia and Crystal but it’s good to see the people again.

Andrew’s still crazy. Khai’s still part of the madness and both of them are a classic duo and you’ll see why for youselves in the photo they took. (and I’m not even near their level of madness man) Justin’s still doing magic and all the way back till Eunos, he confused us on the train. I’m going to change my phone, he must have bugged it track my keypads. Hah. Howard’s still not taking public transport. Vuisin still has 1584652 girlfriends. Claudia’s still fair (like me, we pray for more melanin which obviously isn’t answered ever since we god-knows-when). And Crystal’s still the one that organized this gathering cos the rest of us know we can depend on her to keep us together. HAHAHA. (: That’s about it, I ran out of things to add to the list of ‘whoever is still’.

We didn’t play much – at least my table didn’t. We spent most of the time exchanging (actually it’s the rest cos I’ve nth to share since I’m still a civilian – for now) stories of NS. Tun Gene’s police adventures sounds awesome. It makes my pec C look pretty much like shit. Most of the seniors ORD alr and they’ve lots to tell. From the stuff I heard, I think I’ll not make it past even the 7 weeks of bmt. ): Anyway, who took my $3 change?! I know this is bloody cheapskate but I’m very broke unlike Howard whose worst form of transport is a cab. Thank you. 😀

I learnt the game of Risk. It’s quite crappy cos I don’t really undersstand much of it even when we started playing. And it didn’t help that the troops/canon/horsemen that I chose has a colour like Haihui’s. I only throw dice and say attack. Taboo was better even though we played our own game. Fabian took forever to answer ‘HARD’ even when Gene used the most obvious and crude way to put it. Obviously police has made him much more a pervert than us cos all the sexual stuff came from him. HAHAHA. Oh but that’s what keeps us alive throughout la.

Great seeing everyone again after so damn long since I missed the last track outing no thanks to prelims. (but thank god I didn’t go and mugged for prelims so I got my freaking $300 and yes the letter of confirmation finally mailed in 2 days ago but I need to be in school uniform and collect it during some lame ceremony which nobody bothers) Thank you Crystal and everybody for the evening. Catch up again soon. (:

p.s. I realized that if Bryan was there, I could have taken the relay team photo which was never taken. Oh man.













When we were at Mind cafe someone had a Canon EOS cam and I was like feck that bastard. This is all I can do with the photos and I obviously suck at editting those with heavy orange hues. Blah.


2 comments on “Reunions”

  1. hey ur post.script. makes me feel quite sad that i didnt go on tt day. haha shit

  2. Awww man! Sorry! But it feels like we’re missing something. HAHA. If you’ve been there I think we cannot handle the scene that Andrew, khai and you would make. :p
    It’s okay, there’s next time!

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