Goodbye ’07

By: Dave

Dec 31 2007

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Just help me add to the melodrama and play this song k. (:

Pieces of ’07

Maybe it’s just me, maybe it’s just the really melancholic music I’m playing on the desktop, maybe it’s beacuse it was one helluva long year or maybe it’s just because I’m now a victim of age. (whatever that means).

2007 was one. tiring. year. It’s the year most of the people I know graduated and left tpjc. It’s the year I fear losing touch with everyone else. The year I had to go under the knife for some lousy collapsed lung. The year the baton fell onto the tracks during finals. The year my first track coach suddenly disappeared after so much discussion on ideas to better the team. It’s the last year in tpjc and yet I didn’t win a single thing in track meet. The first time I fell sick during competition. The first time I cannot complete 200m and losing to some slow non-tracker. The first time I didn’t take any photo with the trackers after track meet. Many a time it was all about being alone. Alone during track meet cos nobody wants to come on that day. Alone after being thrashed in 100m.  Everyone was too busy with academics, many things have to be kept to myself. And the track is always empty right after trg unlike once ago when we actually gave time to the team. There were moments when life seems just about barren.

2007 was damn harsh but I think the morphine numbed a lot of things. A lot of pain would have been unbearable. Perhaps A levels kept me busy and school was pretty hectic in some ways so I never really had time for the pain to hit me. After A levels, a lot started to resurface and haunt me. I’m sure many others felt it. The year just went by like that, as though it was fast but it was in fact really slow and almost a drudgery. It’s bittersweet. Bad times not really felt – not like we have time for them – and good times were basically too short though aplenty.

Tears don’t have time to well up, they dry before given a chance to run down your cheeks. Of course, we think time heals all wounds and this would be just another experience that needs to be healed. If what comes after is all smooth sailing then that, would be our remedy – if not it’s salt on wounds that leaves scars carved deeply. Now, I understand why students cry/commit suicide during the release of results. When they have held back all the pain they went through in hopes that the print on your result slips would compensate for all that, it comes crushing down. It’s somewhat like what they say when you face death, your life flash past you like a film being fast forward but in retrospect, the tribulations undergone in your years preparing for that paper swirl around you, randomly gripping your feeble neck. ):

 I think I’m growing old too quickly. Suddenly, it feels like anything and everything will slip out of reach.

Good ol’ 2007, I’ll really miss you, the joys, bittersweetness and all the desolation. I can now finally cry.


4 comments on “Goodbye ’07”

  1. awww, u made me think of track times again.
    when we will (or i shd sae u guys will) sit by the grand stand and wait for us gals to be done with washing up, combing hair n wadever nt, before we head out for bubble tea n waffle.

    times when we end classes early and still below the titanic area juz to tok cock or complain about sch.


    those wonderfully wonderful times.
    those amazingly amazing moments.
    those awesomely awesome memories.

  2. Yea, those times were just great. It’s as if we were a lot younger. I don’t know why but I feel so. The sudden halt of school life kinda sap my energy and make me feel ooooooooold. And yes we were always complaining why the gals take forever to wash a few strands of hair. 😀 I miss sports and sports. And I miss hanging out with athletes at the track or just anyone doing sports at sports places. Ok this doesn’t really sound like it makes sense. Lol.

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