By: Dave

Jan 05 2008

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I went back to school after soooooooooo long. I had in mind how track’s booth would look like during the CCA open house but it wasn’t as sad as I thought cos other ccas had just as little people – save for caneoing which is currently dominating the school’s sports. ): And that’s just because they have a dedicated coach and helluva many people. Besides track has a pool of talents competing in the Nationals. Schools always rope in talents from other sports ranging from soccer to basketball. The paddling sports require specific training and it’s about skill than the body’s ability. If not, my throwers would be rowing some sampan away already. Heh.

Anyway, they didn’t train that day and I didn’t bring my spikes cos one, it was pouring like fuck the hour before I left my house. Two, when I found my shoebag it has this freaking thick layer of dust. And I’m no longer using Bryan’s very cool nike shoebag, instead now its the stanchart marathon one which is already peeling like crap – totally uncool. 😀 And I have the deepheat lying somewhere. We all know the first training of any sort usually lead to awesome cramps. The kind that make the toughest guy collapse, begging someone to his aid like a ninny. But seriously, it’s fucking pain. I saw the track list and it looked pretty long, unlike my time when we came up with many non-existing and lame names like Munachi muthusaumari etc etc. I wonder what they’ll do on the first training. It would be cool to see j1s run. It’s always fun cos they run their hearts out like nobody’s business and die from the reps that follow. Hoho.

I went out with jemxph. And everyone is there. EVERYONE. I don’t recall the last time I see everyone since Mel and peijun MIA all the time. We had dinner at clarke quay! It was eons ago I went there. Anyway this Jap restraunt – I think it’s Pasta de Waraku – has everything based on some fish, even in their pasta. Imagine te sadness! I can’t eat their pasta man. So I had to eat their pizza which was specially made without the meat thing (I have no idea but it must be some fish). Oh well, at least i had CHEESE although mroe than half the time Jiamin was fighting for it. You know, like cheese rights or something. 😀 I like the place but I think clarke quay has so friggin many stunning places to dine (and they have pasta) so after we walked I decided to visit more often and try all the pasta. HAHAHA. Or maybe it’s just the cheese. (: I didn’t bring my damn camera so I couldn’t show the interesting stuff we saw there. There’s this place called Clinic and they had these seats like those you have in hospital (actually I think it’s a hospital bed extended and flat). Their lights were those you get at operation tables (trust me I know, aside from Grey’s anatomy and actually seeing one myself before I got cut up for my lungs). 

And Elyn prolly wants this down in everyone’s blog so I’ll post it before she comes boasting: ELYN FOUND XUEYUN’S CAM MEMORY CARD. :p Oh and Mel’s sister is really small and cute. She’s super super petite. When she took out partial fraction notes, I was like WOT THE FECK?! I thought she’s in secondary 2. ._. So some people just age way more slowly. It makes us look so old. Mel look 10 years older next to her sister. (Don’t kill me! :D)










I finally got my $300 cheque today. Maybe I can consider getting psp slim. But isn’t is such waste to spend on some device I might not even get to play with when I’m enlisted. -.- Anyway, the award ceremony was such a drag. I had to wear school uniform (after so many months, even if it’s not a long time the mind sorta erased how it feel in a uniform) there and there’s this vj girl that sat next to me. The worst part was I came so late, I was so embarassed I didn’t talk to any of those college students sitting next to me so I just stoned and clapped throughout the ceremony. ): It was such a dread. Everyone just clapped half-heartedly, in their minds it’s prolly replaying this line: Just bear with it, it’s all for the $$$. But there’s this dude from MI/CJ (I think so cos it doesn’t look like mj and he’s not from tpj) who’s visually handicapped and when he went up all of us applauded really loudly. All of a sudden there’s this warm feeling in me followed by ice-cold sweat. It’s like this freezinf palm wrapped around my heart, gripping it. And then a voice says that I’m such a pig cos someone with disabilities puts in more effort than me, that I don’t deserve the cash or recognition (or so they say). ): Talk about major guilt.


3 comments on “MONEH.”

  1. I like waraku’s authentic stuff, how’s the pasta ? Never tried it before. Haha. And clinic, it’s quite expensive.. Gastronomical cuisine if i’m not mistaken; was featured in the papers a number of times already.

    And i dont think you should feel guilt about the money, you worked for it, so did he. Overcoming his disability to be there makes him deserve more than pity but instead recognition and amazement at the strength of these people. Honestly, they’re so much, so much stronger than everyone of us.

    Ps. Ignore any spelling errors, jo’s finally in camp so i can sleep early (2am) and the late late nights (4-hour-sleep) for the past weeks are finally taking its toil on me, so gimmi a break and let me skip the spell check ! Zzzzz.

  2. You even photoshop our teeth! It’s so bloody white lah!

  3. yun: I didn’t eat the pasta. Ate the pizza only cos the sauce they use for the pasta has some kinda fish in it. And I don’t think I’ll visit clinc anytime soon cos it sounds and looks pretty exp cos we only saw adults and they look like businessmen socializing than young people chilling out.

    I guess ppl w/ disabilities always hit me at my soft spot, somehow. They serve much as a reminder to whine less about ourselves. (:

    Hui Ning: Is it that white? AHHAHA. It’s for Colgate ad what. LOL. The photos damn hard to edit, ask xueyun to get a better cam! :p or I can bring mine next time. 😀

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