Shot by.

By: Dave

Jan 12 2008

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Shuyun is crazy. She can eat a pixy stix (the long stick filled with candy/sugar podwer above) in one day. So now I’m in a dilema on the ways to eat this thing in the least-tooth-decaying manner. HELLO CAVITIES! 😀

Anyway, we spent most of the day at Heeren’s. We annoyed wenxin for a while. I play verbal-waste-paper-basket today. That is, getting double-teamed by these two language pros as they engage in the most exciting ‘do-you-know-this-guy’ conversation. ): Okay, at least I got samples from Kiehl’s and attended a lesson on what the hell is toner/moisturizer and etc. (I think wx gets commission from getting our details aka address for the co. tsktsk) Anyhow, now I know why she works there. The pay is freaking good even without commission and you get to wear a lab coat (and get samples for friends that were damn nice to drop by). 😀

I keep looking out for flip-flops but the Havaianas at NUM outlets are the only ones that I run into. And at that price range I can’t get a few pairs. )))))))))): Life as a david aka life and its correlation with poverty.



The universities have started their campaigns. Dad likes to go ‘you got a letter from some uni’. (in mandarin) And it would sound awesome and make me excited, perhaps anxious if it’s after the results and JAE period. But now it’s just curiosity as to what kind of ads they’re sending to your doorstep. By the way, yat and Su said As wld be out in last week of Feb or first week of March. :S Suddenly it seems so near especially when you consider the fact that chinese new year is coming and Feb is a shorter month. Anyway, I’ll be enlisting in some 12 days. I even placed a counter on my facebook please. It comes to show how exciting this is because I simply can’t wait to sweat for don’t-know-what-reason. It’s amazing because, I see ORD counters everywhere and nobody else enlisting is as excited as me. HAHA. (:


7 comments on “Shot by.”

  1. hey! i didn’t get the ntu biological sciences thing! wah, so unfair la.

  2. chill Su! All A level grads if not science students will get it la! And we’re bio students they confirm sent to all of us. Maybe yours haven’t reach your house. Don’t cry! :p

    Anyway it’s just ONE pathetic piece of paper inviting us down to some movie screening on a movie that shows you how Watson and Crick cracked the DNA model. I’ve kinda watched some parts of that show already. It’s quite interesting cos there’s this race to DNA model thing and it also shows limitations of Biology in the aspect of science cos James Watson isn’t good in chem so he asked some other prof to help him or smth. Besides you get to talk to the professors and find out about the course details. (: Then you can share with me cos I can’t go no thanks to fucking “ANT-ASS”. D:

  3. i like your 3rd photo! nice (: see ya soon during the next meet-up! take care.

  4. I find it funny how you blanked out your address ! Hahahahahaa. SO CUTE !

  5. zj: Thank you. 😀 Yea, see you on wednesday! (:

    yun: WHY FUNNY! HAHA! I was thinking how to do it la, if not my arch enemies would come knocking. 😀

  6. omg. u mean results are out so soon??? its so nostalgic. =)

  7. Nah, results aren’t out yet. Last wk of feb or 1st wk march.

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