Athlete – a 2008 documentary movie

I WANT TO WATCH THIS. The synopsis drove anticipation up one level. But it’s still in production. ): And I want to watch Jumper. No it’s not about track but on some superhuman ability, that is if they’re even humans. It’s a good thing there’s so much to look forward to this year. I need all the optimism so I won’t die of boredom. Anyway, East View sec called me so tmr I’m going to be a teacher! (read: MONEY!!) And the best part: it’s tuesday so I won’t miss any time to run with the trackers in school. OMG awesome!!! HAHAHA.

p.s. JUST when I was beaming with sunshine, an sms came in from CMPB reminding me my enlistment. Talk about dark looming clouds. Twat!


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