One day at East View

I finally got a call from a school.  First time as a relief teacher, the experience is great. I mean the feel as a whole is very different. It definitely takes time to realize that you are actually a teacher in the students’ eyes. My first amazement came from a girl being helped into the general office. I thought she fainted because the school made them sing the national anthem THRICE. Seriously, isn’t twice enough to make your students hate you for life? Anyway, as I got my paperwork settled with the very very nice clerk, I heard growling and somewhat fierce whinings. Goodness sake. The girl is possessed – or it seems to be so. Talk about bad omen on your first day.

After I got all the stuff done conerning the log in/out book and worksheets plus timetable together with a school plan/map thing, I was ready to go. The clerk showed me the staff room where I took the teacher’s (whom I take over) seat. It is an awesome table and this guy has 2 fish tanks on his staff table. Serious! Anyway, I had some breaks where I just glued to my ipod. I think I saw my primary school teacher there but I didn’t ask him. The classes I took over are all cute. The first class had a fight and I got stunned. Between a girl and a boy, they threw a table and a chair at one another. I think I jumped on my seat when I saw the flying table. 😀 Then, I ran into my cousin in of the classes and everyone started gasping. You know how sec 2 kids do it. It’s damn cute. This boy asked me if I’m waiting for As and where I was previously from. Upon learning I’m from tpjc, he told me he is Qashrul’s brother. We live in a bloody small world and am too closely connected seriously.

When I was in the canteen and classrooms, I keep ignoring the students and vendors beacause they kept addressing me ‘teacher’. I totally forgot so it took me ages to respond to them. xo Even though I had to wake up super early – even earlier than the days I go to tpjc itself – the experience was uplifting. (: And because the school have no vegetarian food plus I don’t want to eat alone, I met Amantha for lunch in tpjc. Her time there seems more tiring with many periods lined one after another but I think its better there cos we know the teachers there and there’s vege plus I know the track j1s so it’s a lot more fun than going to a foreign place. Now, they’re needing Bio teachers for JAE but I’ll already be in NS then. )): This is such a wasted golden opportunity. Sighsssss.


I finally turned up for proper training but it isn’t very proper. I was looking forward to intervals and hell loads of sprint work but we spend most of the time doing drills and hearing the hnf ppl brief us on gym equipment which I already know. The j2 spoke so softly I felt like sleeping. Mr Hafiz introduced some planks and etc which made us look like we’re doing yoga because of all those blue mats outside the gym. I feel major unhealthy and weak. Just from drills alone, my hamstrings cried in defiance. I could hardly lift my legs after that. )))))): And I feel old amongst the others.


Secret by Jay Chou

“Follow the notes upon the journey

At first sight marks one’s destiny

Once the voyage comes to an end

Return lies within hasty keys” 

I finally watched Secret. The last time I tried to watch I only saw some 5 minutes. It’s really good and lu xiao yu is sweet and pretty. (: It’s the type we’ll bring home to show our mums and mums will be awed by how great she is, how lucky you are. I should meet some girl like that so I won’t die a bachelor. 😀

p.s. I saw Clara from 1/7. She looks the same but I think she’s isn’t some chao ah lian like what others turned out to be. We didn’t have the chance to talk as I was alighting when I eventually met her eys and realized it’s her. Goodness, she can recognize me. I thought I looked worse in sec sch, how can she recognize me in an instant?! 😀


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