The last meal/TPS

Yesterday, we (everyone in the above picture plus Keith and Nivel) had dinner at Changing Appetites over at Marina Square. I wanted to try Bakerzin but Gloria tried and recommended CA. Maybe she ate at another better branch because my pasta was a disaster. The usual Parmesan cheese tasted yuck. According to the rest, I can’t remember who – I think it’s stef and zj – that their steak was bad too. ): It’s such a waste because the place is looked normally decent and we had lots of people present. The night out was planned for me. It’s the pre-enlistment dinnerwhich reminds of the last meal before a convict issued with death sentence is hanged. Enlisting is as good as being issued death sentence because days ahead look gloomier than those before As. Thank you Teo Cheng Hsuan for planning this, I know it’s really hard to round up everyone that was there last night because most have assignments/projects/attachments and I-have-no-idea-what-other-hurdles-poly-flings-at-you. It wasn’t a long night but I’m fortunate to catch up again with everyone. ((:

Recently, I ran into a lot of people. Clara Tan – and from what I heard she was featured on the newspaper with her team of project mates for inventing something related to bus-stops. Anyone have the details or better yet the article itself, please let me know. I was right about her not turning into some chao ah lian. Then there’s Grace from prcs choir/fellow 3/8 classmate. Then when I was at Tampines Primary I ran into Mr Edwin Ong from Pasir Ris Primary. He taught me PE for a while then. And he remembers me because my brother was the top student back in his class. I have no idea how that lazy ass own the whole class like that. In the evening, I saw my ex-colleague from AC Nielsen. We only spent one MRT ride home together but when I saw her our reactions must be worth a priceless snapshot. (: Then there’s Cheryl Lim, classmate from 1/7, 2/7 and 4/10. Hahaa.. okay I think I came up with pretty much to say for one paragraph. 😀






IMG_3622+IMG_3616+keith and me+



The sweet innocence of childhood

Friday morning was one helluva hectic one. Firstly, I slept really late the night before and so I missed my call from Tampines Primary but thank god my brother saw the call alert on my phone and returned the call. That woke me up. So I jumped out of my bed and the school personnel gave me details of the school where my heart sank because the school is temporarily relocated at Bedok. Fleeting goodness sake. I don’t know where the hell it is and I have to reach the school in some 40 minutes. Then, after I bathed, East View sec called me! Seriously. I tried to reject tps but when I called back it was the principal that answered and she gave me more time because they’re really short of hands that day. Imagine a day with some 11 teachers on mc. I am glad I went down instead of going over to east view. As much as I wanted to because of how near the latter is, I can see for myself how stressed the school is that day. Primary school kids are awesome cuteness. Although I shouted till I almost lost my voice because I thought a game of Hangman would loosen up the kids but instead I let loose the wild side of these kids and they turned the class upside down. Almost half the class was at the whiteboard scribbling and doodling all sorts of imaginary objects/subjects. Raising my voice is pointless as I see zero reaction from them. But those are primary one kids and they are still cute even though my voice was at stake. I want to pinch their chubby cheeks but they will point at me and scream child molest so I kept my hands off them. By the way, those who have an idea of how crying kids are scary should get me. I got frantic when a girl started crying. Check out what her friend said: Teacher, Nicole is crying. And when she cries, she won’t lift her head until one hour later. I had no idea what to do so I told her it’s okay to cry. I mean, saying stop crying is not going to help much yea.

Oh and I spark fights in class or something. Either that or the words ‘please fight when I take over your class’is plastered over my face. The 2 classes that I took over had fights. And a primary 1 kid choked another super cute kid. Goodness, first-hand encounter with the very drastic effects of media violence. Cartoons should from now on portray heroes that use their mouth to win over villains instead of shooting random-coloured beams or flying in the air. 😀 And yes, P1s love to help teachers. Every. little. thing. From giving out worksheets to adding points to different groups to erasing the board. They won’t miss one chance. This girl even whispered to me that if I want the class to keep quiet I gotta say: one silent clap/ one attention clap.OMG, were we so cute last time?? :p For the many old teens/post-teenage of you, remember the days of stickers and stars? The kids today are still fascinated by them. So much so when the previous teacher handed me some stickers to paste on the better handouts submitted, the kids come flooding at my table painstakingly trying to out-beat their peers to point out which stickers they want. HAHAHA. Omg I love kids. They are so innocently entertaining and hyperactive. :DDDDDD

Oh and below’s the note another teacher left on my table in the staff room. I love staff rooms because it’s quiet and I get to see what the teachers decorated or hanged up along their cubicle walls and such. Plus teachers are a lot friendlier when you’re a teacher. 😀 This other young female teacher handed me a tissue with raisins inside. When I popped one into my mouth in the p4 class, some kids started asking for one. But giving them one is a mistake because soon I have only 3 or 4 pieces left. lol. They are so damn cute. (:



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  1. hey… Tps is my brother’s primary school and mine too.. for like 2 years.. They’re cute,eh?


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