You cannot just leave things behind

By: Dave

Jan 21 2008

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The scent of trackers

Okay too many random things popping outta my mind. I wanted to do this overlay of track-related photos using photoshop but then I am super lazy/tired now and there’s many things I want to type before I forget and lose the motivation too. (By the way ppl who read this, pls realize that I blog for comments. I don’t know where other bloggers get their motivation but mine’s from comments and there’s a serious lack of it now.)

Firstly, Singapore’s bid for the Youth Olympic Games is down to one opponent – Moscow. :DDD By 2010, I’ll be in uni if all things sail smoothly and I’ll prolly join the uni’s track. I don’t know how these things are related but as an athlete, it is very significant that we get to host the world’s very first YOG. I don’t know when the voting starts and where to do so but when I do I’ll post the link here if I remember. And hell would I definitely remember. (:

Moving on, I was fucking late this morning no thanks to the damn MRT breakdown thing which I had no idea of. On my way I was thinking why so many bloody fools are hogging the whole Tanah Merah area. Great. Apparently some yellow mini-MRT sorta thing supposedly maintainence or sorts of vehicle broke down on the MRT tracks this morning in the east I cant remember where.  When I reach Tampines Primary I was much later then I calculated to arrive. They even split the class I’m suppose to relief into different p2 classes. For one period I stood like some idiot at the doorway wondering where my class went to. Anyway this kid asked me today: Teacher, are you married? Please insert a jaw-dropping emoticon here. What followed was funnier: So you’re 19 years old?! My mum is also 19 years old. My dad is 20 years old. Seriously. They are 8 year olds. That would make the mum pregnant with him at the age of 11. I think he got the ages messed up or the mum is just playing an awful prank on her child. Hah.

Today’s pretty awesome. The weather was great and I finally finally got to put on my spikes and sprint. Even though its like 60m? but it’s sheer orgasm. Other than the post training shiok feeling I got from the first proper training, this is the closest I get to feeling like a sprinter again. I heard from someone they have events similar to track meet in schools in some vocations and if you train enough you get to go for your training instead of learning some military thingo. That’s friggin headlines for me that day.

 Civilian life is coming to a hiatus. ): I can already smell the green camo I have to put on. And I still haven’t clear my lockers. I think Major Tham will just break open and throw out all my stash. I think I still have cup noodles which I placed in case I study in school at night. But I never did because I’m always too hungry by 6pm. -.-

So I’m done with babbling and I’ll save my rush of emotions of leaving home and everything dear to me for the next entry if I survive. I’ve still yet to pack up the bag with all sorts of weird toiletries/necessities. (Who brings 20 over clothe hangers out the house in a backpack?) Argh. Till then.


6 comments on “You cannot just leave things behind”

  1. “By the way ppl who read this, pls realize that I blog for comments. I don’t know where other bloggers get their motivation but mine’s from comments and there’s a serious lack of it now.”

    Davida you’re such a bimbo blogger. Anyway, that aside, how can you not know there’s the ‘alternative’ methods of serving ns ?! I’ve a couple of friends in pes b trying to get into the band currently..

    Ohoh. I know of a good shower gel for removing camo gel, should give you a bottle for happy enlistment/early-birthday gift huh ? Hurr. Also, the cup noodles are mine ! And my locker’s not cleared either. Heh.

  2. DAVID!!!

    i am gonna miss you when you are going for NS. cant wait to see you tanned and macho HAHAHAHA. ehhh, btw you really look like tt male doctor from Miao shou ren Xin! all the best in there, time will pass very very fast. Conviction!

    I WILL MISS YOU! = >

  3. omgym! (Oh My Guan Yin Ma) you’re relief-teaching?! that’s way cool!

    OMG. “r u married?”
    u got the same fate as me!! haha.
    oh well.. at least it sounds better den ” ur son plays maple story???”
    like for goodness sake. i;ve got a son OLD enough to play maple. * inserts jaws dropping emoticon*

  5. Shuyun: I know now. That’s why I felt stupid. And I am desperately wanting to run for smth inside there. I would rather do that than other crap job. Plus the cup noodles are not mine! You gave me what. lols. No, seriously you can have it. I’ll be clearing my lockers 2 weeks from now I guess. I just hope they be nice and don’t force open my locker. I need my stuff inside. Rmbr orientation package frm mrs loh? HAHAHA.

    Karmun: Where…. I dun look like him la. LOLS. He looks damn old to me. Maybe it’s because he and I lack pigment. (read: white)

    Keith: It’s definitely cool! But the kids are really restless. They are like super happy about school.

    Elyn: I think we look old. D: But you look older. :p


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