By: Dave

Jan 24 2008

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I’m always just here, on this side of life.

I should not have given up on swimming when I was in primary school. I should not have given up on athletics in primary school just because I lost a silver trophy. I should have went to a better secondary school, with a better school culture/spirit.

My mum said I hated swimming so she withdrew me from the lessons then. So from there I forgot how to swim and now I still don’t know how to swim and don’t appreciate it. This is fucking stupid because swimming’s pretty damn healthy and you get broad shoulders just from doing all those laps. ): So I feel very much fucked up now. I think I had phobia of water because when I was a toddler, my mum bathed me in a tub and I kept thinking I’m drowning. -.-

In the same year I gave up swimming, I gave up athletics. On sports day that year, I came in second for 50m. I was damn upset because I came in first for semis. Already feeling low, I lost my silver trophy when I passed it to some stupid pecker to hold. I turn over to drink at the water-cooler and disappeared when I turned back from my 3-seconds-kiss with the cooler. From then on, I didn’t return to athletics. Oh and I joined badminton which didn’t bring me far because I pon the trainings till the coach don’t know I’m a member of the club.

I should never have joined choir. Period.

I should have been persistent in getting shawn down to train. I prolly didn’t do a good job in convincing. Then we wouldn’t have dropped the baton.

Without these mistakes, I would have been more dynamic and more successful. ):


Okay nachos, I’m enlisting tmr in the morning. I finally stuffed everything into my bag – at least more or less. The glasses I got look like crap. Anyway, I’ll be in there for 2 whole weeks. So till then. (:


2 comments on “Regrets”

  1. HELLO DAVID! how’s NS life there? when are you booking out? you are being MISSED! =) really hope to see ya during CNY! take care ya!

  2. Hey!

    I booked out quite some time ago. In fact it was on day before the cny eve. I just got very tired and sick so I could not get hold of enough energy or motivation to type something or come online. (: I wld probably be able to go over to kenny’s place. I’m not too sure. Gotta check with my parent’s list of houses-to-visit. 😀

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