Civilian freedom :D

CNY dinner @ newyorknewyork

It’s pure agony. The days before I sprained my ankle and falling sick were still okay, in fact they felt pretty normal. The little island of torture seemed like a home away from home and life there is as good as a hostel. Perhaps I was pshycho-ing myself into believing that I’m living a life with the likes of a sports school except it includes several weapons and less physical concentrations. On the whole, the place is pretty welfare especially to us pes c residents. ūüėÄ Food was okay until the last few days when I started noticing the one or two repeated dishes which was a torture. I shall not elaborate too much into the details inside lest military intelligence units come tearing down doors. They really make you treasure the times you have as a civilian like every weekend where you pretend to be one (if you have hair that refuses to remian short like mine which springs out of the head in 2 days) or during festive seasons like now. The reason¬†behind this¬†serious appreciation is very well duh – respect and value you are given. Dude you’re a recruit and it’s the worst position to be in.

¬†Back to sprained ankle. I’m getting worried of this thing. It’s swelling has very much been gone but there still exist the creaking pain when I tiwst my legs. In other words its still not fully mobile. Since physio is free, I’m going to go for it when I get back in. Living with the possibility that my right ankle might never feel normal again is 90% agonizing, 10% frustrating. Whoever said you can heal from any wound so long you’re young and healthy. That being said, I’m an old man and am currently very much unhealthy. You cannot lose 3kg in 3 days and say you’re running fit. I could only bring in 3 meals down those digestive tunnels during those 3 days (the 2 days before I booked out and 1 day plus or so at home) Imagine Chinese new year, with all those food calling your name yet your stomach shutting down on them. ): I pretty much didn’t eat anything from my relatives’ houses and I live on 4 cups of water per day. Yes, this is indigestion at its best. After one meal of the day, you feel bloated and so being thirsty, you sip on some water which you then realize would never leave your stomach until tomorrow when it perhaps migrated a little further down to your intestines.

¬†That aside, my blocked ears have been diagnosed as normal and I don’t understand why on earth they had been so severely blocked the last few days. I tried everything. Cotton buds, water, blowing and even jumping as if bugs gots into my ears. So¬†the cny this year had been really painful. I can’t talk to the cousins properly without my voice ringing in my own ears.¬†Though the nephews/nieces’ screaming did help. They kinda unblocked it after some 30 minutes of yelling and scampering for this little red rubber ball. I have no idea why in kids minds, that is so fascinating. And my niece with her 2 little brothers are pretty well-off. 2 psp, nintendo don’t-know-what,¬†NINTENDO WII¬†(holy fudges mary cream cakes!) and they bought a land and designed their own house. You can obviously see the difference in living standards and income gap just between me and them. Eh so I have no idea why a rubber ball could get them on their feet and roaring, at least the other nephews/nieces have a better reason to react. ūüėÄ







This is our nintendo wii boxing champion. Totally owned us. :p

Anyway, I have no idea why sg parents are very proud of their sons once they get enlisted. Even before I did so, the¬†part of the¬†world related to my mum knows about it because whenever they call the house and ask about me, instead of telling them I completed As, they’ll get the news I’m going to bloody¬†serve. Seriously, what the fuck is so great about that. Everybody goes there. In fact, there is no distinction of those with a future from those without. Rich, poor, ugly, fat, hot, crap, famous or loser. Every. soul. is. in. there. Save me from the clones’ attack. It’s bloody homogenised in there, everyone looks almost similar. Of course as the days got by, the differences show such as some¬†of which are¬†as dumb as your eraser, others inflexible in everything they do just like your ring-finger. Some on the other hand are giant losers yet amuse the entire company each time the kena all the shit. Others make you shake your head in disbelief ‘what fucking shit is he thinking?’. Hello. Welcome to pes c where it’s all chap-pa-lan. Okay at least we get some form of cheap entertainment.



Saturday. It’s CNY dinner with Jiamin and co. (okay we know this joke thing and you guys don’t make it too obvious pls hahaha). We ate at nyny @ City Hall, one of the places I never listed down to dine because of all the crowd. The place didn’t turn out that bad, in fact everything about it is pretty cool. Comfy and cosy. (must be my lack of good ambience since I eat in a canteen for the last 12 days inside. How awesome can a canteen get? 2 joined tables with 12 identical chairs that are un-comfy) In any case, I thought my indigestion had been through and over finally but I was wrong. )):¬†I took the wrong dish choice of Lasagna (yes they have the veg version don’t ask me how/why/what’s it like) and it’s the first time my tummy reject cheese. I NEVER HAD TOO MUCH CHEESE. It’s cheese, how can it be too much. :DDD Anyway, I still finished it after much coercing and persuasion so not waste my 1st meal good meal outside the hell island. Hah. It’s an awesome evening with all that walking to and fro suntec for no good purpose since no bloody good movies were showing at the theatres we went to. And thank god we didn’t catch sweeney todd cos james said it’s average. I had my virgin drink at tcc cos it’s always too expensive to drink alone or too busy for a cuppa. I’m not a caffeine addict either. (: If you feel bloated yet thirst, what do you get. You get the ice-strawberry tea. Although it looks gay to drink but ice green apple tea sounds like something that would¬†indigestion very happy.¬†Anyway, there you go with the photos, me not-so-bald but still round and weird with so little hair. I look funny now. :DDD







I think I won’t post again until I book out again. In case you haven’t realize my entries are boring now because inside, you get stupid. You do nothing intellectual and the only vocabulary that may expand is your list of vulgarities. That explains for the lack in churning out intellectual subjects for discussion or even entertainment. Oh, how about if anyone read about the whole Edison chen scandal thing? I only heard this from james. It’s a miracle he survives the crappy boring routine and news-less life in there thorugh his own means and ways. ūüėÄ That’s jaja for you. HEH. :p

People and their funny comments about how we look like a pair of twins.


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