Many updates yet can’t remember.

By: Dave

Feb 24 2008

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Singapore won bid to host Youth Olympic Games in 2010 – the winning moment as the confetti came showering down on the crowd.

I lost many memories. Okay let me rephrase – I lost touch with much of my memories. Anyway I’ve not updated in some 2 weeks and the diasater in there was just great. Let’s just try summarizing all the things in the most random manner.

Firstly, the inaugural YOG is Singapore’s. :DDDDDDD We freaking owned it. And I am so bleeding proud of what we achieved. We actually beat Moscow, one of the largest cities to hosting the very very first youth olympics. Imagining the crowd we would woo, the number of foreign athletes and diversity we would arrange from this event makes my hair stand. The roaring crowds and screaming supporters of team mates/citizens of respective nations would make Singapore so very different from any other celebration in her past 40 years. What’s a bigger step to placing us on the global sports map. (: In any case it’s unfortunate I was in there on Thursday when they announced the results live. Bloody ah-mee. The confetti and fiery spirit must be awe-inspring. Oh well, at least by 2010 I would have ord-ed to watch the YOG. Don’t even remind me that I’m not a civilian during the Beijing olympics.

Field camp is just like that. There is nothing much exciting about it plus who wants to talk about life in there. Seriously, there is hardly any incentive. One other thing though, I heard that my ex-bunk mate passed away. I hope the investigations come through quickly and accurately behind the reasons that caused his death. Lastly, may he find a happier place. We’ll always remember him beacause death ends a life, not a relationship.

The ankle’s still not recovering. It’s already the third time I’ve gotten status thanks to the selfish ankle. I need to get the ankle-guard thing which I hope can be free with the magic green card we carry. Anyone knows if short sharp pain felt in the chest where the heart lies, is a threat? I know it obviously sounds grave but perhaps it’s a thing that happends once in a while to others too? Or did anyone read about those chinese horoscope thing – was there a thing or two warning dragons to take care of their health cos that’s what they said last year when I got my falling lung. Hah.

Okay that was all very uninspiring talk. I obviously didn’t follow the news because in there you don’t get a bloody chance. Maybe because being a soldier means you need to be really stupid and follow orders blindly plus answer questions with the same answer with the rest in a loud buffalo voice without thinking. Apparently, 7 hours of sleep is enough in their definitions when the international scientific standard is 8 hours. Perhaps the lack of brain usage explains the one hour missing from our hibernating clock. And care for what again? It’s amazing we shout those values (or so they think) daily yet none of which seem remotely close to being achieved. Smart and efficient isn’t something they can be proud of. (which is possibly why they need an intelligence unit to do their thinking)

Anyway, on A level results – it’s one long wait which I’m not even sure if I’m looking forward to or plainly worrying about the outcome together with the many plan Bs I have to come up with lest I flung. Every week there will be some speculation that it is to be released on the thursday/friday of that week. The best thing’s that if the latest speculations were true (on 29th this friday) I would be in pretty much deep shit. We are to be confined this coming week and assuming we do get the results on friday I would only have friday to apply for the uni courses (with much optimism assuming I do get grades good enough to apply). How on earth can you decide upon receiving your grades. We love ah-mee. We bloody fucking love it.

I need to watch a good movie and eat a bloody good meal to compensate for the dire conditions during field camp. I also need a good book to read so I won’t end up as barbaric as those people. Anyone watched Juno? My brother’s not 16 yet so I don’t think he’ll be able to watch it. And I always get lass than 30 hours of civilian freedom; enough to only poop, breath real fresh air outside horror island and maybe bite into a few chips of junk food. )):

Okay I ran out of things to whine about.


2 comments on “Many updates yet can’t remember.”

  1. Hey!

    I’ve changed my blog. My previous one got deleted,somehow.
    So, here’s the new one.

  2. okay, noted and changed. (:

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