By: Dave

Mar 16 2008

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I am in such a terrible state. I have one bloody giant zit. Just kidding, that’s not the state I’m crying about but anyway the zit is still planted nicely on my face. The doctor’s Dalacin or whatever that expensive medicine I had to pay for despite being an NSF, is obviously not working its miracle. ):

It is five days into my block leave (or whatever they call it) and I have done absolutely nothing on my agenda of which comprises of huge tasks like applying for NUS and NTU, selling my phone away so I can get a gizmo-tech and savvy-looking phone that turns heads and toes. How the hell you find one phone that’s so yet isn’t pregnant with a camera? ): All the army people are carrying the stupid SE phone. Yes the M600i or the following ones that looked exactly like a clone of it lest a different colour. Fucking shit. Everybody’s getting that phone after I lost it. You cheapskates, fine, settle for that cheap thing while I vie for better ones. :p

My freaking ankle is not getting better. I can’t sit cross-legged on the floor and I can’t tip-toe. (Don’t ask why I need to tip-toe I just can’t do it and I don’t have a good reason to do so – ok whatever) Anyone might have a used ankle guard (that doesn’t stink)? It cost 12 at the pharmacy and I only need it for a few weeks afterwhich my moolah would be out of the window. ): I think this is karma for getting status inside tekong. Sighs.

And NUS must place their sci and biz talks on the same slot twice each day. So if I do go for both I need to stay till 4 pm which is seriously overkill. I live in the east you pelicans! Blah!


4 comments on “Hodgepodge”

  1. Pelicans. Ha. Anyways, I’m tempted to apply for SDE Architecture now ! But they take in a miserable 150 every year with a 50% drop out rate. ):

    Still, with CCD, it’s a pretty tight squeeze. Guess i’ll have better luck doing foundation abroad. Hahahah.

    Gahhh. I’ve got too much chocolates at homeeeeeeeeee.

  2. ARE YOU SERIOUS?! That’s like one of my choices. Now I’m thinking if I should change it to something else. ):

    And how can you ever have too much chocolates, there’s only none of too little. HAHA.

    Anyway, foundation is pretty cool. I can’t do that because I’ve no $$$ and I’ll be as old as an ah pek there since kids there do foundation at like 17? After NS I’m freaking 21? wth man. hahaha.

  3. Yea. All SDE courses take in a miserable amount. I remember the total for all 4 courses in SDE came up to only 500 people. And in Singapore, unless you get a Masters, you cant be an architect, not even interior designer kinda architect. There are only 70 students for this year’s final year students for Arch. Sigh.

  4. Ok I am screwed. Even if I get in I’ll prolly suffer the same fate as those that dropped out of the course. ): And the wait for the application offers gonna be a kill. zzz.

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