The runaway block leave

By: Dave

Mar 23 2008

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The iconic First World Hotel @ Genting

The reason I didn’t update was because one, I’m lazy. Two, I was at Genting with my friends from Tekong. (okay that sounds rather creepy) Anyway, the block leave is coming to an abrupt end and I do not wish to think about unfortunate days ahead back to serving the ungrateful, led by the unworthy to do the unnecessary. I would highlight the fact that I take that quote from some wall in tekong so don’t come charging me. (:

Speaking of days ahead, I really doubt if it’s at good as they claim. I’ve heard a fair share of comments that my vocation is slack and we don’t really do much since its service anyway. It’s stay-out for the course meaning I get to go home everyday but it’s at Ayer Rajah so travelling would be a bitch. But I’ll just take whatever that comes, I mean I don’t really have a choice anyway. Well, at least Sean and Ray’s posted to the same camp as me even though we’re dealing with largely different things.

The Genting trip was awesome. It is way better than dragging (or being dragged) your parents down. Because with parents, the only good you get out of the trip is your possession of a portable ATM. Okay you do get all the family love and all, I’m not casting away the importance of family blah blah. You get me lah. Stayed at Hotel Resort or something, thank god it’s bot First World cos I heard it’s like really small. The rooms we had have 2 queen beds. ((: We ate pretty much or rather I ate pretty much. I’m not sure about the rest but I have cup noodles everyday, even after the international buffet @ Coffee Terrace. Seriously, if we went to the amusement park the day after the buffet perhaps I won’t be able to take those kiddy rides. HAHA. One of which has a 70kg limit. Poor Ben could only watch as Shi Hao, Sheldon and me went up for the toblerone-or-smth ride. :p

The amusement park is actually a PARK. The Escape theme park here is just the size of some lousy backyard with many rides being maintained 90% of the time throughout the year. I think we woke up a little late because we didn’t really have time to repeat rides other than the one which they swing you around on this swing-like thing. Other than Seana nd me, the rest of them took that ride at least 5 times. And they don’t get giddy!! :0 Apart from the flying dragon which is simply a really lame ride which moves slowly for the sake of a tour of the A.park up in the air, we pretty much tried every ride. The space shot (long thing all the way into the sky) is like the climax. I guess I imagined it to be a lot worse so became kind of mentally prepared. Sadly, we didn’t have enough time to try it again. I need that adrenaline flow which I only felt again last July at cck stadium. ):

We actually stepped into the casino and they won quite some money (some in our own terms, I mean c’mon we’re freaking NSFs and we earn peanuts – by that I don’t mean the peanuts a certain political leader’s wife here mentioned) Dining at Coffee Terrace was the best. I ate my fill and flooded the plate with veg salad. HAHAA. Whate lse you want to fill other than pasta that is. Cream pasta there is orgasm. The cream running down the oesophagus so smoothly was perhaps why I got two plates of pasta. HAHAA. Pity they don’t have angel hair cos I always wanted to try that. Oh and I proudly announce that I’m not that lousy in bowling. 😀 2 consecutive strikes saved my second game. (: Since words can’t describe the trip, the shots for a rough idea what it was like are below. I didn’t upload all because I am not a fan of posting unsightly photos plus I didn’t take that much anyway.


















Who read this article?

March 15, 2008
Polytechnic grads put squeeze on university places
Over half of this year’s batch of 21,000 want to go on to university; overwhelming demand for ‘hot’ courses
By Sandra Davie
STUDENTS eyeing a university place have a couple more weeks to apply, but this already looks like another tough year to get in.
The reason: the three universities are looking at a bumper crop of applications from polytechnic graduates.

The National University of Singapore (NUS) and Nanyang Technological University (NTU) held an early admissions exercise for poly graduates and both saw a surge in numbers, partly because 1988’s Dragon Year babies are graduating from the five polytechnics.

The NUS received 8,444 applications, up from 6,600 last year, while NTU had 2,000 more, setting a new record of 11,800 poly graduates seeking admission.

As most would have applied to both universities, admission officials estimate that more than half of this year’s 21,000 poly graduates want to continue to university.

Not yet factored in are junior college students who just received their A-level results, as well as foreigners and repeat applicants who failed to get in before and will try again.

The Government has said that with the 14,700 places it is providing this year at the three universities, slightly more than 25 per cent of the cohort should get places.

But there might still be a crunch for some courses. The universities expect certain ‘hot’ courses to be oversubscribed many times over, and this just means it will be harder to get in without strong grades.

Last year’s most sought-after courses included arts and social sciences, mass communications, real estate and project facilities management.

There was less demand from well-qualified applicants for courses such as electrical and electronic engineering, computing and science.

NUS vice-provost (Education) Tan Thiam Soon said early indications are that some courses such as business and accountancy are again in great demand this year.

Advising students to consider other courses, he said their career options need not be limited. ‘Many engineering and science graduates are snapped up every year by the banking and the finance sectors,’ he said.

NTU’s admissions dean Loh Nee Lam made a similar pitch, saying that many corporate chiefs trained as engineers and engineers are in great demand here and overseas.

The universities are expecting a slight drop in A-level applicants, as this year’s batch born in 1989 is about 1,800 fewer than the Dragon cohort who applied last year.

Singapore sees more babies born every Dragon Year, which is considered auspicious by the Chinese.

Last year, applications from A-level and poly students hit record levels at the NUS, NTU and the Singapore Management University, and it meant far more applicants than places available.

Seriously. What the fuck? Aside from the whining made by the many of us that took A levels because of this so-called surge reported in the papers, the writer clearly had a separate agenda. Firstly, over half of 21,000 WANT to go to university. You really don’t have to factor in this number because anyone/everyone (well, almost) would want to further their education so that number doesn’t really frighten although it probably did.

Moreover, there’s approximately 2000 more applicants from each university which they mentioned most would have applied to both. Given that there’s about 1800 lesser applicants with A level qualifications, shouldn’t the figure be about the same if not more optimistic? And we have not even considered the fact that universities reserve a percentage of place for poly grads so that percentage is the one that is threatened meaning there shouldn’t be a varsity squeeze or whatsoever for the entire uni. It’s just the unfortunate batch of students amongst the dragon babies that graduated from the 5 polys. Seriously. What the fuck is wrong with newspaper today.

The 05S09 girls. The guys – being less camwhore in nature – forgot to take our photos. 😀

Last Saturday was lunch with 05s09. We should totally boycott Cafe Cartel. They made us sit in the sun on a hot Sunday after-freaking-noon. When they brought us in, they have only tables for 2 and 4. Plus, I don’t remember any good food/service there. So we went to Billy Bombers. Despite being the meaty people, they actually have the decency to prepare a veg pasta though they don’t my cream version. We were either too busy catching up/eating or we were too disorientated because of Elyn’s awesome organizing, that we only took less than 5 photos – of which consist of photos too sad to see the world. ):


Sunday was spent at NUS open house. I sat through the FASS talk and it’s all too dry. Isn’t it suppose to be artsy fartsy, probably burning with vibrant passion? It was so boring, some guy in front of Cho yee fell asleep. It was all about their best students and how well they excelled. I thought universities should be targetting the majority and not the best since being the cream of the crop means there’s only so little for you to attract? Anyway Yat came over after that talk for the FOS talk. At leas it was more interesting and they had the forensic scientist speak to us. They are very likely offering that course as minor from this year. I think that would widen prospects since the life science market is starting to get way too saturated. I saw Candice at the clubs/societies booth section and Bryan whose face is so radiant you cannot tell he is serving NS. Bryan said there’s some negative reports about life science but we know better than to take it too seriously.

Application for both universities are done. Finally! I spent almost an entire evening trying to type the essay – more like summarizing. NUS gives you only 2000 characters to type both your achievements and your essay. They are obviously testing your abilities to summarize. Hah. I don’t have much achievements to boast anyway so I guess I had an easier time squeezing in all the things I want to say. (:


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    And yea. First World’s rooms are freaking small. Like some bloody cubical more than a room. And when did Genting get archery ranges ? Tskk.

  2. AWWW. TOO BAD! I forgot you would want to pinch (read: sexually harass) Bryan. HAHAHA.

    It isn’t exactly an archery range I think since it’s much more of a smaller scale.

  3. Topic of your article is very interesting, i have bookmarked your blog

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