There is nothing much in here – now.

By: Dave

Mar 30 2008

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Thank God for everything. From my currently lousy ankle to my currently stayout vocation. It could have been way worse but I think everything’s falling into place neatly – at least it seems to be now. If there’s anything now I could wish for would be a better place after my 5mths stint and a place in Science @NUS/NTU. And yes, till now I’ve not decided if I want NTU or NUS. I hear all kinds of feedback such as one offering easier degrees because the content is of lesser depth and one other is only offering bachelor instead of bachelor with merit (if s/he does not pass the criteria for the honours prog). Universities and the misinformation coming through. ):

Friday was spent at xy’s place. Instead of helping out with our main objective (which cannot be disclosed as it’s meant to be a surprise), I ended up helping out with filling surveys. I was a rich young kid, then a boring old woman and an average executive… along with other split personalities I can’t remember. Mel has a freaking nice lappy. And I realized Office 2007 has some nice finishing touches and an entire new user interface. I’m falling being this tech-age at a very young 19 years old. (I am still NINETEEN until the birthday :D) I can already feel like a certain whiny Father in the house. Hahaha. You know how some parents think that a computer can’t do much and then suddely think it can do everything? Yea that’s them.

I think there’s nothing interesting in my life now. It’s routine daily and I don’t get enough sleep because I have to travel like I’m flying overseas. I should consider reading up on current affairs or whatever gossip xiaxue might be publishing online. šŸ˜€


One comment on “There is nothing much in here – now.”

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