Another departure

By: Dave

Apr 02 2008

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Elyn’s send-off to Japan

Yesterday was kinda over in a swirl. After work (where I don green rags that look unflattering) I had to rush home so I can eat, bathe and do whatever crap I had to in the shortest time possible before meeting weimin to get down to the airport. From there we parted ways where I went on my hunt to find the xy co. while he was on his to find Joadine and Candice. I saw the work done by them girls and I must say the final product is awesome. I knew I saw Elyn’s eyes welling up with tears held back! 2 months of hardwork by them really paid off. But Elyn already had some 4-6 luggages she’s dragging down to Japan and her mum refused to give allowance for this one more momento from us. ): It’s meant to fuction as a calender and she’s keeping it here in sg till God-knows-when. Elyn’s send-off was kinda new experience to me. I never sent any friend overseas other than Chan Tha in sec school but then I think I was too young and unappreciative to know what’s going on and the seriousness of a friend studying abroad for good. It was a rush of void then awww then she’s-not-going-to-be-around-for-a-while and then sighhhhhhhhs. On the other hand it must have been a hard time trying to get that scholarship. I mean, I only found out ytd that Elyn went through one year just to get it.  Meanwhile, I hope I have enough moolah by the end of my bloody service in green, then perhaps I can fly over with anyone that might be planning to go over and stayover during the vacation there or smth. (: Anyway, photos will be up when I hv more time. Didn’t take much also cos I was too busy trying to sink into the settings where we’re suppose to treasure the last few minutes of each other. It’s like rare to get the people together unless there’re special arrangements like this one. Hah.


2 comments on “Another departure”

  1. hello… Chan Tha.. OMG! that’s so long time ago.. its like in Sec 3 lorr.. goodness..
    we have aged.. haha 🙂 so long never catch up with u liao… better meet up one day!
    when u free?

  2. I’m have more time during weekends but I am also free on week nights from 8 onwards. But I need enough slp so gotta be home by 11 for bed. So anything on a week night gotta be a quickie. :p

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