Okay wordpress made some sweet changes to the user interface so it feels really new again. That is why I love wordpress and yes despite it’s lack of ability to input a tagboard and other html embeds, I am still here instead of using blogspot. It’s just too conventional.

I finally placed my order to get my phone. It will not be any of those cheap fucks kids carry today (and yes blasting it pathetically) nor will it be that lousy m600i/w950i which every other N S man carrys. The guy at the counter told me they only shipped 30 to sg so far so I gotta wait for the next batch. (: I am at least one mile away from convention. ((:

This isn’t a proper entry. I was too busy this weekend. I spent an entire Saturday doing guard and I didn’t get enough sleep cos of some stupid mix up orders from Macs plus it felt really disgusting to sleep in the no.4 so I slept most of  the Sunday morning away. I’ll type again soon. (:


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