By: Dave

Apr 16 2008

Category: Uncategorized


This is a fucked up organization. Some fucking stupid, academically unqualified person gets clerk while the rest of us do their dog jobs. Seriously, whatever happened to democracy? We might as well just run this bleeding nation as a communist state. Save us your lousy excuses and do something before you see your citizens migrating for greener pastures; garden city my arse.

Samsung is a klutz. The customer service bitch clearly told me that they’re able to remove my camera at a surcharge of 26++ but now not only is the actual surcharge 75++, they also don’t offer this service for my phone. If not because of my digusting compulsory job, I swear I would stomp into their office and demand compensation. Meanwhile, I’ll have to wait for the weekend.

Suddenly, studying overseas seem a lot more attractive. Even if it means I have to be independent and all that, I would really rather get away from this fucking dot.


3 comments on “Fuck.”

  1. OMG! you are just speaking whats in my mind man.
    I wish i could just run away to Australia or something too. It seeems much better down there where you can still have a LIFE, unlike in Sg, where ur life is dictated by the bloody govt.
    I still like Sg though(Just to make this post less anti-Sg)

  2. David! Chill man… I understand what you’re going through now… Loads of shits on our side but imagine when we pass out with the ranks… Besides, you get to stay out… More freedom after office hours… Chill okay dude?

    Btw, pray for me right… I nearly met an accident with my rover near your home… Sigh…

  3. Su! Your last line is so bimbotic! Hahaha. But it can’t be helped yea. We have to draw out positive images of Singapore. I mean, too negative and arse could sue us. (I don’t really give two hoots because, they would really be too free to be reading some unpopular, personal blog. And I clearly stated that my entries may be incoherent and I could be possibly contributing insane articles of no concrete evidence. :p)

    Jason, I won’t get any rank other than LCP I think. I heard they dun need instructors for my course cos there’s enough regulars or smth. And I wld really rather remain at where I am. Life here isn’t that bad. I am just pissed with the system and how we have to serve when we don’t want to. Honestly, loyalty and desire to die for nation is just a thin line away. The latter may sound all noble but really, who would want to do smth that ridiculous. Besides, they should get those ppl who aren’t contributing to our economy now and then (aka unacademically-qualified) to serve. There’s a never-ending economic war out there and to survive throughout we need to harness resources like us to better the country’s position. Okay I’m blabbering on and on and shall stop here. (:

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