It will take some time

It will take some time for me to stop procrastination and my job is not helping. I am as good as a person with zero lingustic skills. My vocab is faltering and I’m becoming one of those walking air-heads at my work. I need to pick up one helluva book and start reading. ):

I am too lazy to upload photos. And it’s not entirely because of the lack of time but more of the terribly disorganized schedule. There’s no agenda, no plans and simply no flow in the things I have to attend to. Everyday my life only starts at 5.30pm when I knock off. If I do not engage in anything intellectual soon enough, I’ll be as mediocre as one of those. Those people who think jc students are only theory or overly-pampered kids that think too well of themselves. He was prolly insecure and desperately need a statement that boost his self-esteem – or so he thought.

Ok this doesn’t make much sense. It’s not suppose to because leaving grey areas would do me good. Who knows which rat could be sniffing up here and pressing charges against me huh. (:


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