I should be worried

By: Dave

May 04 2008

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I have yet to hear from both universities. ): I heard girls could be getting the letters before guys and I hope that’s true because some girls have gotten the NTU bio some 3+ days ago. Tmr’s monday so if I still don’t get it by mid-week then I should really consider what to do/say during my appeal. It would so sad if I have to resort to appealing. And I really don’t want to imagine the worst scenario. It could turn me into this mental nut that eats plastic and drinks listerine. Oh well.


7 comments on “I should be worried”

  1. Eh. Sorry to say, i’ve guy friends who got their acceptance letters already. But no worries, your grades arent that bad, you’ve hope. (:

  2. Hope is the only thing I’m holding on to. I guess I just gottas wait for the next batch of letters to be sent out. If not, prepare a wonderful speech for appeal. ):

  3. Haiz! Update here. Sam got acceptance letters from NUS, NTU and SMU.
    Gosh! … Yun, Sam’s one of the people who applied for FASS and she got AAB. She spoil market la. Go clobber her up!!

  4. I have no acceptance letter. But i’m down for NUS FASS Discretionary Interview this Monday. So, if i do gain entry, it’s through my non-academic achievements. No news from NTU yet.

  5. Let’s kidnap sam! I have a lot of friends who put fass and they got pretty gd grades. A lot of local students are taking up arts. Anyway Amantha, don’t think it as you’re gaining admission via achievements tt are non-academic-related because not everyone get discretionary interview. I havent even get a discretionary interview for science. My friend with the same grades as me for H2s and H1 (but better gp grade) alr called fr interview. With his grades he needs an interivew to get in, I think I’m screwed. Sy, what’s tt place again? JCU is it? I think I need to start my backup plan alr. ))):

    Oh ya, when you guys hear anything abt the 2nd batch of letters being sent out, let me know pls. At least I can feel hopeful for a few days I guess.

  6. hey you’ve gt a chain Q&A, get the qns from my blog! haha =)

  7. as far as i know, for fass, you’re only called if you’re a borderline case.. and yea. jcu, but you better check how they fare for your course.

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