I have guard duty tmr. ARGGH. They should just hire some ppl to do guard duty. I mean there’s so much unemployment, this would serve as a good job opportunity. If they thought those hired aren’t professional enough to protect those bleeding sacred grounds of theirs, oh god what makes them think me doing guard duty is going to stop intrusion. And the best part is, there’s frigging cohesion the day after my beloved guard duty. How on earth am I suppose to be awake for some movie I was forced to pay for. Oh yes I have to be awake cos I was made to pay and watch a movie I didn’t get to vote for. I mean seriously, where’s the meritocracy here? Does regiment override meritocratic values? If that’s so just stop pretending to be all just and fair, go ahead and label this place a communist state. It’s so decieving and inefficient.

There’s some dialogue tomorrow and damn well am I going to bring up those so-called suggestions/improvements. It is called so nicely but to put it bluntly or rather, frankly, it would be problems and errors that has to be dealt with or else. If they’re going to rebut then bring it on babes. Oooh drama rama. HAHAHA. 😀


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