Sad Staring

By: Dave

May 16 2008

Category: Uncategorized


Still staring sadly at the empty lettterbox which should contain the letter of offer.


5 comments on “Sad Staring”

  1. I got my first reject letter already, it’s from SMU. ):

  2. I’ve not gotten any news. This is very depressing. My long weekend was suppose to be gd but this wait keeps me on the edge of my chair I can’t relax at all. ):

  3. helloo you make post-As sound scary. haven’t heard from you in agesss we’re like the random friends who have never met hmm.

  4. Hey! Post-As isn’t that bad actually. It’s just me and some of my friends who screwed up our papers. I actually don’t think I did that badly. Perhaps the markers hated my handwriting esp Econs I used this super smudgy inky pen and wrote in a 5 eyar-old-kid font. And my ideas illustrated in my GP papers were prolly unfascinating in their eyes. ): But you’ll do fine don’t worry. I’m sry I don’t know how to advice rj students cos you guys don’t usually have trouble with getting the courses you want. Hahaha. I didn’t mean that in a sarcastic way though.

    Apparently army zapped the life outta me so I havent really had time and energy to read blogs/tag people. (:

  5. I got my second of the 3 rejection letters. This time, its from NTU.

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