What’s worse

But I will still whine on about the shit we have to go through at work. Now that we’re in the final phase of our training to become servants of the combatants, it almost feels like doomsday’s crawling up our backs. To make things worse, we’re currently suffering inside a pathetically small compartment only fit for skinny and not-so-tall people (meaning at least 8cm shorter than me). Given my frame/size, I already have difficulty getting into the tank so you can imagine taller people or those that are very much horizontally-blessed. There’s no moving air inside so all my sweat just sit happily on my skin before sliding off after minutes of accumulation. For the first 3 minutes I look like a swimsuit model as the very fine layer of prespiration is psuedo-bronzer to the naked eyes. However check me out from the 4th minute. I was wet all the way to my insides. It’s so bad I got abrasions near my groin. And what was it about care-for-soldiers? In the first place it is almost ridiculous to invent something so small. Before your soldiers could hop onto the tank for attack/defense, they’ll be having an awesome concussion thanks to your futuristic design of a funny metal machine.

On to more amusing things about work. Apparently, there’s some charity run sorta thing held annually. So we’re asked to get donations. NO, more like we’re extorted of our $12 just so they could reach their goal of some $X million dollars. Who gets the bloody credit? Hmmm… sounds like hundreds of thousand soldiers cursing under their suppressed breaths.

You need not even watch the news to realize that we’ve sent our own people over to Si Chuan for relief aid because those things made such a din about their presence there. If they did not make their existence and effort heard/felt, it is prolly going to make them feel incomplete. I suppose there is a lot to international aid such as political ties and whatever other strings that may be attached. Perhaps that is why Mynnmar refused foreign aid. Seriously, does Si Chuan need such an excess of unfamiliar civil force crowding their land? What can these people do? Move the debris with their bare hands? All they can do is perhaps stand around and speak to their own media and brag about their presence and cry about how sad this tragedy has been. What they would have needed then would be professional medical assistance instead of. (:

I really need to think of what to say/do for my appeal. When I got the As I got over the fact that my results sucked because I thought BBC cld at least get me somewhere. I honestly thought the letter would arrive in no time. ): I’m so screwwwwwwwwwwwwed. Besides, I don’t have the money to go abroad where I school in some mediocre uni. (and those kids return proudly as if they are so much better than local graduates. Yes I beeding hate these people because they deny that they went overseas because of grades tt didn’t make it here and shamelessly make a huge fuss about how much they are in demand since they think they’re considered ‘foreign talent’). Alright I just need a cyanide pill to shut me up peacefully.


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