And the wait continues

By: Dave

May 26 2008

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Except this time round, I am waiting for NUS’s letter. I was apprehensive when I saw the NTU letter inside the mailbox. I heard just that day itself on the bus from some friend of my friend that he had received his reject letter. Moreover now as I look back on the choices I’ve submitted, I can understand why I am not even given any of the choices after the first. But what I don’t understand is the reject into Biological Science. Perhaps there were too many biomed diploma students out there (esp the fellow dragon fellas) and they prolly snapped up all e places there. Then again, BBC isn’t even enough?! Wenhua told me to relook into the prospectus and that maybe science isn’t the thing for me. I can’t really go about wondering about that now cos 50% of my hopes has been dashed by a sad white envelope and this outcome really frustrates me. Maybe I should just rot at some private uni  like all other uni-rejects. Amazingly and astonishingly, anne-ass is the thing that occupies my mind, allowing me time off this envious wait for an envelope with 3 pages instead of 1.


One comment on “And the wait continues”

  1. I’ve chose archi. Ha. And do you know there’s a Fish & Co bursary for NUS Business School ? Like so cute la.

    Anyways, i think maybe there’s a second round ? Because even SMU, being the first to reject me, rang me up twice to ask me to go for their interview.

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