600 days

By: Dave

Jun 02 2008

Category: Uncategorized


To my freaking OH-AR-DEE aka liberation from green rags of random brown patches that has ugly flares. Although 600 is a huge number and I’m suppose to be depressed, but today’s already the second day of June (not to mention the day’s already ending) so I’m kinda nearing half a year of my current forced occupation – if you even consider it one because it is really just a crappy chore that pays $2/hr (or so I heard). Wow that’s one long sentence.

Anyway, friend of mine has extended his mc the third time so we’ve not seen him for some 6 weeks. He’ll prolly be out of the course and do some admin work shit while we suffer in grease and what other dirty things. ):

I checked out PS cafe (the one by projectshop) online and I really want to go down to Dempsey Hill and have a good saturday chill out. But James has pschological obligations (some anne-ass related chores) and Pillai is some $$ freak now so he refuses to spend money and that includes transport cost. I can’t get the class out as it takes 600 years to contact everyone and another 600 years to get a response. I guess I’ll end up stuck at home or in town alone.


2 comments on “600 days”

  1. yo hoho, sorry late reply. i’m quite busy that time. N i guess army is like that… bound to have politics… esp in a platoon…oh no, i hope my platoon pals doesn’t see this entry…

  2. thank god, i didn’t pin down my name… but u shld know who i am right? i suppose…..

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