Making ends meet

I was actually asked to be out this evening by 2 groups. I feel demanded now. 😀 Anyway, I’m really sorry for being unable to attend the meet-up jason organized. It’s really late and I have to meet Cheng Hsuan and the rest. It’s Hazwan’s bbq which I didn’t eat anything because I wasn’t there to eat all we all already know. A lot of familiar faces, some of which I can’t put a name to them while others were almost second nature. Rahimah forgot my name!? I thought I was notoriously nerdy (yes the irony but you’ll get me if you knew me then) and pretty infamous for all the wrong reasons. It was kinda odd though and I came really late or else I’m pretty sure I’ll have a lot to talk. I think I’m having split personality disorder but I’ll come to that later. Also, Hafeezah, Syafiqah, Zarifah and etc etc were not there yet so I kinda had no one to do some intense catching up. Amidst all that smoke (from both the pit and burning tar/nicotine) it was kinda heartwarming that most of us that graduated still stick to our group of friends. Even at BK, even though we’re not a fan of their social circle then and now, we saw a status quo. It isn’t that bad when I think about it because in one way or another, it showed how much secondary school left an impact and how albeit a really ordinary school without much to brag about, it created  the company we have today. How amazing. (:

It was good to see yongying back with us. I bet it’s a refreshing experience for her too. I mean, being chained down to some male chauvanist pig for almost all her time post sec and being liberated only recently must have left her quite shaken. But what’s the deal here anyway, a friend is freed and that’s a cause for celebration. (: And yes I did notice Gloria’s questioning tone when I expressed happiness for our fellow friend. But no, I am happily single and have no intentions to get myself tied down. Plus, I’ll never get involved with any friends back from sec sch. Partly because it disturbs me to know tt they’ve seen the most dorky side of me and it’s just plain weird. Oh and we finally saw Huda. It’s really relieving to see her cope so well after whatever that she went through. I mean, aside from her seemingly raging hormones that made her speak in a whole new promiscuosity. 😀 I think it’s really awesome today but I was behaving weird. There was a weird reservation in me throughout the time.

About split personalities, I think I’m a victim of this weird thing. Either that or I have paranoia of myself having some kind of odd psychological disorder. Ok I am scaring myself as I hammer down the letters on the keyboard. I beahve oddly at different places with different people and at different times. I mean, if my friends from ‘work’ saw me today they would have thought someone ate my wild side. And when I’m alone it’s worse. It is as if I have a few different personalities trying to push themselves outta me and I feel like voices are competing to tell me what to do. Ok this is weird and I don’t think it’s helping. I could prolly down pes beacuse of this. HAHAHA. I genuinely find that thought amusing and am not laughing because I am mad. Really.

(: (I know you’re imagining my spastic smile but I am sure I can’t be mad)


On other things, I’ve done my appeals for both uni. I am not confident of getting a place in either uni and I’m kinda regretting taking H1 math with H2 Econs. It’s such a weird combishit. It isn’t even my H2 grades that brought me nowhere beacuse there are fellow A level fellas with same and slightly weaker grades that got my course of choice from both nus/ntu. Urgh.

I’m gonna get out and buy all that stuff at the gss tmr. I really am in need of certain things. Till then. (:


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