Losing the way

Lights and sound

Tomorrow’s the first time I’ll not be donning that green thing for work because it’s trainee’s day. (: We don’t really care if we’re allowed to book in and out like a civilian in cv. All we really care is the convenience of going down to town without looking like complete idiots trying to raid the shops. Oh and also it’s Friday albeit the 13th. Pedro is having sales and we’re not getting all dirty tomorrow so what Friday 13th? The only pain I’m feeling is the absence of the bleeding sun. What SUMMER you bitchshit. The weather is fucking warped now. For the last 3 weekends the skies has screwed up my plans and I only sulk about it. If it rains this weekend, bloody hell bring it on – I’m going out even if you bring an entire tsunami down here.

My course is coming to an end. Some say what comes after is gonna be shit, others said it’s only 2 months of that attachment thing that sucks. In any case, I’m doomed. It’s all in the west plus the possibility of staying in just saps all that life outta me. What pesC? We’re still dealing with dangers and threats if not worse than those people at the ‘frontline’ beacuse technically there’s no war going on right now (not anytime soon judging from the peace and how rusted some of the things I came across) but we’re the ones that have our fingers and what-nots threatened. One sad slip and you’ll see your fingers flying across the workshop. But I think we can bring our music players when we are posted elsewhere which means I’m going to get my new earphones cos ipod have such lousy ones they just give up after some time plus they don’t deliver that oomph. I can feel the burn in my pocket. We’re seriously a group or underpaid slaves. Yes, I see the oxymoron there but I don’t really care beacause I’m very bitter about this and who is anyone else to lecture.


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