The sky’s departure into the dark

Recently or 2 days ago, I had my scheduled wisdom tooth extraction. I didn’t know I have much of a choice. Partly that, partly I was too lazy go for work since I’m entitled to 5 days worth of mc. How awesome is that. (: The dentist I visited on my first appointment told me they would eventually be impacted and given the horizontal position (yes they’re nested in a perpendicular position facing my second molars) they’re in, it would result in wisdom tooth pain in time to come. Since I’ve got free surgeries for now during my obligatory service for the beloved nation, might as well squeeze the bloody money outta them people.

So the morning I took Dad’s bike which was a big mistake. I should have taken the mrt. Due to insufficient sleep the previous night, I kept falling asleep. Death before a surgical operation is humorous – darkly humorous. Although I don’t have qualms with dying young but perhaps not this young and also not with a badly distorted face beyond recognition. Who knows which truck gonna run over this face if there was something to happen.

The surgical room was really white and bright like the dentist’s uniform. With only one op chair thingy in the centre of the relatively large room, it reminded me of those movies where the dead wakes up in a white room only to realize they are dead. Not a good start to my op yes? The injection of the local anaestisia was truly uncomfortable. It wasn’t extreme pain cos after the op while I was on my way home, the anaesticia was wearing off fast and that was when I had a taste of shit. Imagine the full-blown effect of the absolute pain from the op, I’m sure I’ll wake up right after I pass out. They had my eyes wrapped up in a stylish criss-cross manner. I never saw what the tools look like but the sounds were awesomely scary. I gripped onto my jeans damn tight cos it’ the only thing within reach. The drillings and sadistic tune of those metals grinding were crazy. I saw in my mind a giant equipment the size of my mouth cutting everything up. In fact I think she burnt my lips somehow cos one end had a really small brown charred area which I thought was food from dinner only to realise that I only ate porridge. I felt pain halfway and being unmanly I sounded off. I am not suppose to feel any pain at all so she administered another LA jab. No feeling during which and after. It was an intelligent decision though. If I were to bear that pain gums-on I would prolly soil my jeans. Hah.

2 days and surviving this helluva op. It was definitely an experience worse than my lung op where I was on GA (sleeping). I mean, you wake up and everything is done. You lose out about a few hours of your time but everything is done. Yet, I tihnk the recovery process during the latter was a lot more terrible even more so a sad one. I shan’t go about repeating the story of missing out track training during the most crucial time of the year and entire jc life. ):


CK one summer. (:

I finally couldn’t resist my temptation. Or it is just an excuse for my instability now in making logical judgements. Anyway I bought the cK one summer fragrance. The one summer is always a limited edition because they change every summer. That kinda suck cos what if I feel really attached to this scent? Besides, every guy needs a signature scent and using a limited edition fragrance is not going to help. But bullshit that pessimism and breathe in the awesome citrus scent. (:


I went to watch Dark Knight with James in the late afternoon. It was so good I think I didn’t change my sitting position more than twice throughout – I think. Or it’s just the comfy seats from Cathay which unlike GV’s that seems to hate the taller crowd. It has the suspense going on for the entire show. At one point the thrills was getting boring as I got kinda numbed by the dolby surround (which wasn’t very impressive cos the movie didn’t require much of those effects where you feel the movement from front to back or right to left) but they quickly brought up the excitement again and again. Their sudden shocks and booms from a silence you subconciously thought was going to last was the reason it keeps me glued. Anyway James said the show’s pretty much cursed according to the media goosips. The Joker died in real life, the black guy aka Batman’s technology comrade is critically ill, the Singaporean chinese guy aka mastermind of all that bank fraud thing met an accident and the Batman himself assaulted his family or something along this line. Edsion on the other hand is already very unlucky so I think it can’t get any worse for him. Heh.

It’s a decent movie which you won’t walk out thinking you wasted cash and put on calories from popcorn for a lousy cause. 😀 Oh and yes, for goodness sake Pathology is finally out in Singapore but alas! It’s bleeding R21 but the DVD is out already. It was out in April over at US. We’re really slow when it comes to those less mainstream movies. The lead is the dude who plays Peter in Heroes. Medical genre movie in a dark twisted note, who would miss it seriously? And I think it’ll be in my hands some 2 hours later. Ahem. :p



I was either benevolent, hoping to earn some moral credit or simply an elitist bastard.


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