Love Sport Even When It Breaks Your Heart

By: Dave

Aug 20 2008

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New Nike ad in China's newspaper.

Love Competition
Love Risking Your Pride
Love Winning it Back
Love Giving It Everything You’ve Got
Love the Glory
Love the Pain

Love Sport Even When It Breaks Your Heart

Just do it.

That is the new Nike ad tagline after Liu Xiang exited from the 110m hurdles heats. I heard from the news that the endorsements actually prepared two ad campaigns of which one of them would be used depending on the outcome of his race. However since he didn’t compete, they lost lots of moolah from the endorsement deals. The new ad reflects on bouncing back from your lowest point – specifically Liu’s injury for this ad. It’s pretty inspiring and I believe that ad would somehow console the 1.3 billion Chinese fans. At least I hope it would because like how Liu answered his interviews, he yearns the belief from his nation and fans, that he would return someday to cross the hurdles again. Although I think when he used the word ‘someday’ it sounded really far away, almost as if the injury would take a long long while to heal. I have limited knowledge on Achilles tendon since thank goodness I never had this problem (I was so lazy so it was unlikely to have this injury) but hamstring pull is one crazy shit – more so when he’s hurdling.

There was some sports illustrated/cnn artile with the headline: Liu’s injury was good for China. It was an outrageous headline which would more likely cause an uproar in defence of him if not for the fact that it’s an English article. But upon reading it, it analyzes – or so it thinks – that China had behaved like a child after he pulled out from the race, that being a record 44 gold medal country so far it had been growing too fast. Blah blah. Largely about China should not have reacted this way and that it should relook into its expectations of her athletes instead of predeteremining their results just by the amount they trained. In view of this, I heard/read somewhere of critics that slammed China of its opening ceremony which displayed in what they term as lack of imagination as every detail is planned out. Regarding the former comment on China’s ‘childish’ reaction towards Liu’s race, I think it’s just sad to have that perspective. Shouldn’t you look into the fact that he had leaped to stardom because not much of the world expected him to clinch the Gold at Athens? Given the limelight and world record, the expectations that were crushed surely made the cries of dismay justifiable, no?

Oh yes did I not mention, I worship Liu Xiang more than Usian Bolt because perhaps I’m bias given that he’s a Chinese where my roots came from. He just commands a lot of respect from me. Maybe I’m in awe of how he can do hurdles beacuse I never cleared them well when a certain coach tried to convert me to a hurdler – prolly thinking I look like I have the frame and legs which happened to be a facade only. ): In any case, if you’ve tried hurdling in school, you would realize what madness height those metal things are. I don’t know if I’m the only one but whenever I was nearing the hurdle it looks as if it grew taller and bigger. Maybe it’s some psychological thing that scared the shit out of me. I never recalled what egged me to try 400 hurdles and make myself the clown on the track. Epic funny race then.

Once again, I am just as upset as the 1.3billion Chinese + international fans everywhere. But like some journalists said, this could do him some good as he would not have to shoulder the burden of expectations when he once more return to competing.

Coca-Cola and Visa have already said that they cherish their relationship with Liu and intend to continue to back him. And Nike – no cynics they – have changed the tag-line on adverts in the Chinese press to read: “Love sport even when it breaks your heart.

Even though their decision was likely to be profit-motivated but even so, it meant they believe he would reign the 110m hurdles again. (:


4 comments on “Love Sport Even When It Breaks Your Heart”

  1. I like this post alot. It’s like what i feeel exactly written down by you. And, definitely agree with you on the point about preferring Liu Xiang to Usian BOlt. Totally, man. However big you get, how many freaking world records you break, a person needs humility and Usian Bolt totally lacks it.
    I think many would have been in great awe after seeing him break 2 world records in stellar speed but seeing his lack of humility would have just got them pissed. Like me.

  2. SU, I LOVE YOU! You’re like the only one that made a comment. All the other 10 readers I have per day never even leave me something to read. HAHA. AND YES I LOVE YOU EVEN MORE when you said “It’s like what i feeel exactly written down by you”. :DDD I feel very much validated, like I’m worthy of something. Lol. I should do sports commentary for Olympics. But I might end up bashing the athletes I don’t like. ._.

    WE SHOULD MEET! NEXT WEEKEND? Cos this wkend is coming so perhaps not prior enough to allow those we wanna ask to check schedules and I have to celebrate a birthday of a friend on Saturday. Oh ya who else meeting up? πŸ˜€

  3. HAHAH! Your posts are super good la! And, u should definitely become a sports commentator. Drop the solutions and the test tubes, you’re definitely MASS COMM material. HAHA!

    Dont know whose coming la. Will confirm sooon!

  4. HAHAHA. I wish I can do what I love. But in Singapore and given my age, I can’t venture into anything of that sort. If I was younger when SG made decisions like it did in the last few years, I think I would have chosen to follow my instincts. And hell yea when i think about it now, I’m not even sure if I want to do Bio anymore. Sighs.

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