Of Paralympics and spikes

I think the Paralympics deserves a lot more attention than what it is getting now. The competitors are more than just atheletes – they are survivors of genetic flaws and tragedies, who coupled optimism and fighting spirit to bring them to where they stand today. The media here is bias. Knowing that the Olympics is much more worthy an investment given the juicy endorsements and advertisements, it is no wonder they pumped their attention into the Olympics. Daily coverage, commentaries to award ceremonies. But how much air time is devoted to the Paralympics? How many would have known the Paralympics started on the 7th anyway. Maybe this is just Singapore media. After our long-awaited silver medal was clinched at the Olympics, there was so much hype and excitement going on. But look at our equestrian, Laurentia Tan whom rode back a bronze at the Paralympics for Singapore. How much attention was drawn to this achievement? Not to mention it is her debut at Paralympics. More significantly, it’s our first Paralympic medal. Should this not be bringing a greater hype in celebration of the first medal in this aspect and also in the name of Olympic spirit? I don’t see her plastered across an entire page of Straits Times, My Paper or Today newspapers unlike her fellow Team Singapore athletes from Table Tennis. Don’t get me wrong, the latter definitely deserve the recognition for we know they have their own story of blood and sweat behind the success. But surely Laurentia would have her own story of strength and perseverance behind that Bronze medal too. We could be more graceful. We could be more appreciative. And we could do with one more role model for the sporting fraternity, the local athletes – be it current or aspiring ones – and the general public.

On other things, have you seen the shoe I love? Or should I say spikes. I think they would look awesome on me. 😀 Presenting…

The Nike Zoom Aerofly LX.

In case you didn’t already realize, this is the spikes Liu Xiang wore where LX stands for his initials. Nike made only one pair specifically for him for the Beijing Olympics. I know this is overdue news and China has moved on from grieving (at least I hope so) over the Gold they wanted most – or so it was dubbed by one of the local journalists. So very unfortunately, there is only one pair resting in Liu Xiang’s locker or shoe bag. I didn’t hear Nike saying anything about selling this design perhaps LX’s pull out dampened a market demand that could have sprung out like him out of those blocks. Oh well. But seriously! These spikes would look so hot on a fiery red track – think contrast! Damn! This reminds me that I have not collected my very sad Asics spikes from Weimin whom borrowed donkey months ago for some race which I think he didn’t win. HAHA. I decided I should do intervals, fartleks and drills etc. Other than fear of calories accumulating around the middle, there’s this other concern about a certain Samuel scaring me. We ran some other day around the very sad 4-lane track in camp and during the last 2 rounds we kinda injected a little burst in speed. Samuel scared me because I’m not sure if I gave me best but I was sprinting at the same speed as him. Not to insult him but I was a tracker after all and I had decent speed versus non-trackers so what happened really got me. Did I grow fucking fat in army? Is it the fugly coveralls that was desgined in such a way we walk in it without burning calories off those fats at the tummy? OMFG. Okay I sound paranoid but being slow is something to be ashamed of especially so when I have zero stamina. ): Oh gard.
On the bottom side of things, hell just took over national service. Apparently, we are about to start staying-in which means no more proper tv, proper meals from home, junk food with all that chocolate melting down my throat and no more computer on weekday evenings. ): Basically, there’s no more freedom! But I have a specialist appointment coming up so I hope things get better from there. I might just be the first person to commit manslaughter on military grounds here for all you know. Be very afraid.

p.s. GOSSIP GIRL SEASON 2 HAS AIRED IN US. :DDD Whoever said it’s a girl movie or a chic flick please dig out your eyes and glue them to the tv screen forever with photos of Blake Lively taped on it. Without forgetting Leighton Meester!!! She smokes the daylights out of Apollo’s palace – if the Greek God has one. Maybe I’ll find a decent photo of her. I saw one that made my face hot with blood rushing up. 😀

p.p.s I’ll post more photos later cos I need to slp. I have air range tmr and it’s 12.39am. ):


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