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By: Dave

Sep 22 2008

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Somwhere outdoor but within The Cathay yet not under its roofs :p
It was pretty random. Saturday where I would usually waste the humid sleazy afternoon doing things I don’t remember was spent at The Cathay watching Mama Mia with fellow friends. Pretty much randomly also, we ended up at Elva’s showcase at the Max Pavilion if that’s how it is spelt. I went into the theatre without much expectations beacuse I didn’t watch the trailer proper other than the occasional brief glances of those aired on TV mobile on the buses in the early mornings. Engaging. That’s one word to wrap it. Of course watching in the Grand Cathay itself contributed to the wonderful experience – considering it being my first time in it. Pierce Brosnan sings weird. It isn’t off key or bad articulation, it’s just plain weird. Perhaps he doesn’t have the singing face. It seems like his singing doesn’t appeal to much people here. Stick to those guns Brosnan, teary romantic moments aren’t your thing. Maybe it’s those James Bond movies we’ve had in the past, or is it just me cos I felt like he’s going to whip out some gadget to kidnap Meryl Streep in those scenes. I was never a big fan of ABBA or their songs but boy are they good or what! Like how Kenny put it, it’s just amazing how the director/producers, without changing them lyrics could create a story where these lyrics would find their way to illustrate the plot. Everything falling into place neatly without looking forced for the lyrics’ sake. Sweet stuff.



Meanwhile, Elva’s concert was pretty cool. It’s my first live event attending and I am glad it’s Elva and not some oldie I don’t know or forced to go with my mum. (Thank god my mum is not a freak fan of fei yu qing or I would have nightmares of dark alleys with his tunes breathing behind my ears) But but but. There were way too many senior citizens present! So were there too many adults that are clearly attending the wrong event. They should be at the mega sale at hall 2 or something. ): The entire row infront of and behind us are like sacks or potatoes. They did not even sway to the ballads please. We could have gotten a place into the fan club area because Cheng Hsuan’s cousin is somewhat related to them. We could have if not for that tart who kept doing endless head counting. He clearly didn’t want to extend the fan club benefits to us even though his list of attendees shows like 2 pages of people missing. May he have dreams of Elva clawing his face. Hur.



I ALMOST got to buy the Hershey’s Reeces cup! But candy Empire have to close the moment I reached their shop after supper at T3. It would be forever before I get to dropp by candy empire. Alright at least one week since I’m likely tro be bound by those bastards in you-know-where. Fscking little schwarts of swines. I don’t know what that is either. HAHA. Oh let’s not spoil the memory of my first live concert – not official but still! (:

One last one before we leave. (:

p.s. Elva is really spontaneous in person unlike most celebs who end up with a very plastic front.


One comment on “Photo post.”

  1. hello.. here to comment! haha 🙂
    tuesday night u must try make it ok!
    then more photos to be taken.
    since the whole gang is almost there already!
    haha 🙂 yup! 🙂

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