By: Dave

Sep 29 2008

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Run and kites will fly even in the absence of wind.

Some photos taken during cohesion with fellow nsfs. (: Didn’t really capture much because we spent first half of the day doing come cleaning. There really wasn’t much to do because the place is pretty clean. We were assigned this pathway next to the carpark but we ended up helping those people doing the carpark area. I believe it’s because there were too many regulars doing that area which explains why after some 2 hours they were sweating yet the floors look just as dirty. Hopeless dimwits. Oh yes bashing them verbally is such a release, it is why I have not killed them all. (:


The second part of the day was out at Chompchomp. Awesome afternoon spent with Justin and Matthew of which I clearly remember the oreo milkshake I would always order and the potato wedges which is luring those saliva outta my mouth this instant. It was so damn peaceful because the other people not from the same workshop were competing for air somewhere else while we have almost the entire cafe cartel to us. Weekdays are pretty much peaceful days at some places I guess.


The kids were great although some of them made me fear ever having one of my own. They spew vulgarities, snatch toys, cheat in games and threaten one another. Yet their innocence can’t be denied despite the lack of it in the home we visited. It must be technology, media and how terribly today’s social structure is. Working parents, abusive maids and rich egoistic friends that belong to the next generation of Richie Rich. Oh well, at least they are still fascinated by kites. I thought perhaps they would use it as a plastic bag or worse – a waste paper bag like those black plastic bags used in BBQs. But innocence would never cease even though it seems more and more short-lived with each generation.


2 comments on “Innocence”

  1. I really like this set of photos you took..
    it’s really nice and the title really suits it..
    anyway friday night please send me the remaining photos of Elva and those that we took at Cathay.. thanks 🙂

  2. Hey sure no prob. I hope I make it home on time. My camp’s pretty fucked up now. My superior’s really indecisive and even when he decides on smth finally it would be a stupid decision anyway. Hope we don’t die in army. (:

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