A sense of propriety

By: Dave

Oct 10 2008

Category: Uncategorized


Hope – the last thing out of the pandora box.
Hope – the reason why we keep living, the reason tomorrow is possible.

 I was on my way home, with earphones plugged playing away a very melancholic song. It is one of those days where I left camp without angsty thoughts of murdering all those filthy regulars. At the carpark near my block, a boy in geeky spectacles approached me. And by geeky I mean those large black-framed specatacles donned by teens of this genereation. He looked like a punk wannabe albeit failing quite miserably. Thinking he’s going to extort me of my only $10 note in my wallet I hastened. But he came up and talked to me. Of course I didn’t hear his words because that sad tune was still crying away on my ipod. So taking them off I heard him speak. Perhaps I was touched by his sad background. Perhaps I was surprised by his effort. It could be the sad song that nudged me or whatever little conscience that was buried by hatred ever since Jan 25th (read: en-fucking-listment) had risen above. He told of a single-parent background and having just completed his N levels, he’s trying to bring home more bread. He sold ice-cream at 15 per box. Honestly, I find it expensive since he was selling Magnolia, not Häagen-Dazs. He was earning a measely 3bucks per box because he bought them at 12. Eventually I asked him if he has change and he prolly thought I have $50 notes cos he started digging out some $10 notes. But I handed him $10 and took five from him. I told him honestly about my almost-barren wallet which made him thank me profusely. It felt sincere. I baded farewell after wishing his N levels the best.

I am not generous with donation extortions. You know those Orchard road ones that spoil your afternoon in town? It isn’t their existence, more of the persistence that takes place in a very unsuitable place. I don’t think busy locals here – yes, even during our luxurious afternoons shopping, we are still busy, how zany – would receive you warmly upon approach. ): So whatever made me so generous comparative to myself walking down the streets of busy Orchard? I have no idea. It could be all those reasons above contributing a little each. But I want to believe that this kid here would be using that money to prepare for his O levels when he pass his Ns. Or maybe its used to bring bread and butter for the little family. Maybe I was simply hoping that this little gesture could bring him hope, lift his moods from many other rejects that slapped him. Because he reminded me of a part of me I used to be: a pleading, humble and sorry soul. But that fragment of soul had since been tarnished; ravaged by today’s competition and race to the top of social hierarchy. But it felt so right, what I did. Some thing in me sense the genuinity in his tone and I’m glad I heard his plea. That is all that matters now. (:


2 comments on “A sense of propriety”

  1. aiseh. deep and profound my ng.

  2. I thought which justin then I saw and knew. lol.

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