Lomo Baby Lomo

Genting in March.
I think that will be the only holiday for me this year. It’s the first trip to Genting and going with the b.m.t bunk people were a lot of fun. I can’t believe I went away with them like that. I thought we were just talking but turns out we’re a really spontaneous bunch. (:

I was trying the lomo stuff. I can’t afford the money for a separate lomo cam together with its crazy film. Besides, my parents would probably kill me for adding something to my list of non-essentials. I think lomo’s damn unique. Not exactly vintage because nothing screams vintage like sepia yet it produces its own pleasing hues. Perhaps its the way it brings a subject from reality into somewhat of a dreamy-land-feel. It’s akin to Peter Pan’s Never Never Land.


Si Rong will kill me for this but he doesn’t read my blog. 😀
The reason O.E.T.I days were still bearable. In fact they make it so much better there – plus wenhua but he sat on the front seat of the cab we took to get to town. I haven’t seen Joshua in a long while. I guess the rest haven’t been seeing him either. Anne-ass and their lousy admin, putting us all into different areas.


First World Hotel
I love its colours. They just strike the sky with all their vibrancy yet not taking too much beauty away from the blues. I heard living conditions’ pretty bad inside. Thank God we don’t have to find out ourselves.


At least that’s what I think it’s called. My most thrilling thrill-ride. The last one was in secondary school when there was the school carnival in 2001 I think. The crazy surf or something along that line. I was so light I thought I’m going to be flung out of the seats. And they don’t have safety belts to secure you. But the space shot takes the cake. I think I had saliva flying out of my mouth when we were descending from the err… sky. Haha.


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