By: Dave

Nov 10 2008

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ckin2u – my awesome 2nd ck fragrance

I dig the packaging. The one summer’s bottle suck cos it’s just entirely glass without a cap. It sucks big time. ckin2u has a stronger lingering smell. But I only bought 50ml cos I was not sure if I was bias for its bottle or it’s scent. It was intended for evening use but I kinda got hooked onto it without a care of the time. (: I might actually buy it again after I’ve dried this bottle. Did I mention it has a nice bottle? Haha.

You know how much it cost to protect this country? Not much. Just about $2/hr. Yes, won’t you rather be working at burger king, flipping burgers than whateva crap I’m involuntarily involved in? I mean at least burger king’s pay is $3.50/hr. Singapore really got the good end of this N S deal. It’s like slavery. Almost like bangladesh workers except that they get paid more than us. Oh and of course they get to bring camera handphones. Don’t you wish you were a foreign blue collar worker too? <insert sarcastic emoticons for the oblivious and dumb ppl>

I spent my last weekend (at least more than half of it) in a jungle. The activities I took part in – I’m not even sure if it’s voluntary – includes getting blasted by sounds of machine guns firing at decibels so high I could hear and feel them going towards my body and then shaking it. I swear the reverberations were so bad I thought my lung collapsed again. ): I felt chest tightness and cold sweat running down. It just lacked pissing in my pants to complete the picture. Of course we did other things like fondling with our psp (only in the evening cos our superior is a wuss but you can’t blame him cos everyone else in this job is a pussy too afraid of responsibility), listening to our music players even though you may very well wonder how we did so with BOOM! being placed between the music notes playing in our ears and most importantly, sleep. Sleep we did for a few hours because unlike a fellow disgusting ‘E’ who slept away the entire day and playing chess while we were out in the sun, we actually had things to do. Or rather, we adhered to the rule of no sleeping in the day because it tarnishes our supposedly existent image. I love E. I’ll let him savour every bit of pain I’m going to put him in. And of course his ugly ear buds won’t be spared. I say using a cheese grater to slice out those growths would be me being nice. Now you know sanity and army are of absolute mutual exclusiveness. 😀


Oh, isn’t this entry suppose to be about my new fragrance? Haha. Nothing like a little keyboard relief. (:


p.s. I didn’t get to go for the Singapore Biennale this weekend and I am super pissed. I still have some remaining sites to check out and the last day is 16th. I also didn’t get to go to the club 21 bazaar. Yes I may be fucking broke but that’s not the point. I was hoping someone would die during the last operation but nobody did. ): Count themselves lucky.

p.p.s. I am really sane. I’m sure you know.


2 comments on “ckin2u”

  1. yeah right my ng. real sane you are.

  2. Looking at Matthew, I know I still have hope. HAH.

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