Singapore Biennale 2008

SB 2008

Over the last 2 weeks or so, I went with James to the SB 2008. It’s closure would be this Sunday, 16th. I’m not an artsy person but international contemporary art should interest almost anyone unless you’re this absoulte geek that only love words and symbols such as ‘0’ and ‘1’. Sorry computer science students if you feel included in this generalization, I happen to not fancy the queer things you mug. So we went to the City Hall and South Beach Development. I on a separate occasion dropped by the Esplanade Bridge but did not manage to catch the Noontide installation. ): A lot of these exhibits require us to be in a realm or plane where the artist stands. I could only understand so few. Most of which especially the video installations were pretty much impossible to decipher. But the feeling is great when you do understand the message conveyed such as the one on choppy seas of a ship wrecked in stormy weather. It took a few jumps and scares from the mechanical work to knock sense into me. Some of the works are dark. The one with fire visualizations and charred objects including a few humans and furniture gripped us fiercely. In any case, it was fun exploring the artwork. The time spent kinda served as an escape from modernity and reality. It also sorta curbed expenditure beacuse I haven’t been shopping but I ate quite a lot outside so differences turned out rather minimal. Hah.

The Swing was in a large dark room. It wasn’t pitch dark but seeing it move on it’s own with nobody assisting its repetitive oscillations make my hairs stand.

This is one of the more interesting works. The Salon. Observe and you’ll notice that the supposed mirror does not reflect my image. That is because, instead of a mirror, what you see is another room made to look like a reflection through the frame of the ‘mirror’. It stunned everyone that were in the room. (:

The Dancer reflects the effects of physical destruction and deterioration of the body; and with it the human psyche.

Drill hall makes us experience the transitions between 2D and 3D. What our perception tells us and what we actually experience, create uncanny disjunctures between image and space that coerce us into active engagement with space, specifically and generally.

The weather on the other hand has been menacing. I hate fall/winter season slash period since we don’t techically have seasons here. Where has the sun gone to? I can’t swim with the water at 5 degrees celsius. ):


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