Joining us across the teenage line

By: Dave

Nov 23 2008

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Cheng Hsuan’s Bithday Buffet at River View Hotel

Obviously I wasn’t grabbing food off shelves although I would really love to grab all those pastries, ice creams and cakes. Hmmm. Anyway, Cheng Hsuan would soon be 20 like the most of us. We’re all growing old. Now that almost everyone has joined me in being 20, it doesn’t seem so scary. That is if you don’t think too much about the number and focus on the chapters ahead – chapters of partying, more studying and financial power. (:

Guys and the new-two-zero guy.

Gals and the new-two-zero guy.

So food was good even though my ala carte came without tomato paste. It is pretty much weird because I remember ordering tomato pasta. No thanks to ingredients in the sauce. But it doesn’t matter too much with Gloria and Zhuo Jie grabbing me desserts. 😀 We got less 50 for whatever we ate as Gloria’s working in the HR department. Apparently she interviews the applicants. I would love to try that someday so I can terrorize the foreigners working here. That’s for crowding up the MRT and jostling in our orchard road. I don’t even care that much about the part that they’re taking up jobs here. Yet.

The bridge and candles

We took photos. A lot of lame ones which are not with me. It’s with Nivel’s dslr but I doubt I want to look at them cos we did stupid things. But generally the guys are fine. And I’m glad the girls’ boyfriends are normal people. Not smoking or burning down houses. Anyway, Gloria brought us over to this bridge. No idea what the name is but some of us have seen it on tv except now it’s given a fresh coat of paint. I’m not good with long exposure shots in the night so pictures didn’t turn out too good. ):

Sorry I look awkwardly darker because I swam under awesome sunny skies in the morning.

Last but not least, Happy 20th Cheng Hsuan! (It’s not the actual day but it makes this entry look more relevant!) 😀


5 comments on “Joining us across the teenage line”

  1. I just realized I love the girls’ shot a lot. The guys one was kinda bland because our backdrop sucks. ): But zj made the best out of it already. Trust me it can be worse with an amateur taking. Just look at the everybody-shot. Lol.

  2. extreme chocolate ng

  3. extreme bitter chocolate ng.

  4. I need the Sherbet comm de garcons perfume! I’ll be less bitter after that I think.

  5. today me and matt saw someone wearing chiong de garcons. haha.

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