The hole that never filled when a coach left like that.

I was reading through some old emails in and came across this. It felt like yesterday.

thanks for your message.

to be honest, i still cannot find somebody who i can relate to as a comparable captain from my experience in other jc. so i am left with no choice with the options i have. thus these three are the best i have for 2006 and they have separate selection process based on their writeups to me before being given their positions.

 the only difference between my other cca, student council and track are that the councillors are expected to be leaders thus they lead while i advise. for track, they may not be leader but i do sent them for leadership training camps for them to learn and be better people after they graduated. whether they harness the leadership skills taught to them during these camps is up to them. but whats more impt is the experience and knowlegde gained to apply when they enter the workforce. 

minus the teachers aside, i have been handling most of the track matters myself. i could have made a decision to disband the whole EXCO today and take over as a sole EXCO. today i setup cca exhibition on my own before rajneesh came and help while shuyun came later to ask me print. i welcome anyone who willingly one to help me, i appreaciate it if people come forward to offer help but i dun beg. i am still not handicap although they were 2 occasions last year where i felt handicapped with my ankle swollen and using crutches and me coaching only with 1 hand, other than that, i have promised myself that as long as i am well, i will be down for my duty. 

for the clearing up of cca exhibition, i had no choice but to ASK for help from my track team as i had to hurry and fulfil my training obligation to start at 4.30pm. some helped willingly while some didnt. 

every captain are selected by the teachers. for SSSS, i wasnt involved so i have no comments on her. for crystal i was involved and i think she did a good job. for PPP, he is learning, but peer relationships are those i cannot control. i have been msging them and they are improving but i can’t stop them from joining other ccas except advising them against and this is one area i will relook for 2007. 

i thank you for your feedback and now that i am FULLY in-charge, i intend to make the team both socially bonded and performance minded at the same time, thus kept repeating my target areas for nationals and how to team should bond. i hope you can influence the team to be better trackers.



The coach’s sudden disapperance after a promise made to himself and the rest of us was hard to deal with. We became a pretty messed-up team. Some disappeared from trainings, some joined other clubs, some lost the will to compete anymore while the rest of us continued despite morale at its lowest. It was a difficult time struggling with new trainings and unfamiliar coaching styles. At the national finals, the baton fell yet it felt as if everything I was holding on to – all the sacrifices and tears fought back – just slip out of my hands.

I knew I didn’t just lose a race. There is so much more to it.


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