One year later

By: Dave

Dec 16 2008

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Still young and bright. (:

Finally we met. It has been. so. long. After results, we seem to have disappeared into our busy lives. Everyone’s doing a degree or studying something or doing their obligatory 2 years stint for the gahmen. The familiarity rocks. And for a moment it felt like we’re in 06s08 again – minus the crap we have to study and schedules we have to follow. Hmmm hmmm… feels pretty damn good. (:

Photos after the jump! (:


Please don’t ask. Hahaha.

Not everybody came which is not something uncommon for gatherings and catch-ups. But 9 out of 13 is a big turn out for a first especially so when a lower percentage of which turned up for j1 classes. SMU is in town and Sam couldn’t make it. Jehanne left earlier because I was later. ): Somehow it felt really short. I didn’t really get to talk to everyone. Talk as in a casually serious heart-to-heart update peppered with occasional poking at the misfortunes in our lives now. I miss that. Partly because I was late – like damn late – and partly because upon reaching Coffee Club, a few decided to shop for some random things. That’s random s08 for you. (:

Hail beeeyotchesAwww.

Su’s prolly going to get married real soon. In 2 years or so. It is freaking scary. Not just her getting married but the idea just jolts me into further realization that we’re ageing from those youthful days of seventeen into almost adults. Crazy shit.


One glamour shot

I’m kinda deciding on where we should go the next time. It’s suppose to be a real soon thing because the last one was not enough! (if you watch gossip girl, you’ll understand this blair moment of frustration yadda yadda) Anyone has ideas to feed? For large gatherings where people can actually sit and talk and whine to one another LOUDLY without repercussions yet everyone can hear anyone speak in the group? I thought of  Minds but my last 2 visits with large groups didn’t turn out fantastic because of the small tables. Everyone ended up in little forced cliques which kinda defeats the purpose of one major gathering.

Oh and yes, last but not least.
We love econs. Yea right.


2 comments on “One year later”

  1. Oh man! We Love ECONS! Totally. We should have included pinyi and Ivan too. Then, we ALL can love econs together! 🙂

  2. Hahaha. Yea I know. But they weren’t around then.

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